shot 5

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Clock indicates 9:30, Pragya wait for kids, Abhi didn't drop them still, she dialed Abhi's number, it's only ringing..

Pragya pissed on Abhi, in mind- aarrgghh! This Abhi never be a change himself, it's 9:30 & he didn't drop kids to home, why I was busy in meeting today, next day kids have school & Abhi.. & same time her phone ring, it's Abhi's call, she pick up in one ring..

Pragya- where are you..

Abhi- come down to your apartment, bacchu's are sleeping..

Pragya- ohh.. ok.. I'm there within minute..

Pragya came down of her apartment..

Abhi- sorry for late, mom won't let us leave..

Pragya- it's ok, & she carry Kiara in her arm, Abhi carry Sunny in his arms, & lock his car..

Abhi- both had their dinner with Mom..

Pragya- hmm..

Abhi- you make dinner for me..

Pragya- haan..

Abhi- are you not interest to serve me food..

Pragya look him- when I said that..

Abhi- so you had your dinner..

Pragya- no..

Abhi- ok, & Abhi unlock the Pragya's house door, they enter in house, they lying kids on their bed & came out from bedroom..

Pragya- bring bunnies bag's from car, I hit food for us..

Abhi- ok..

A couple of minutes later, they both sits opposites each other for dinner..

Pragya serve food for both of them, & they both start to eat their food..

Abhi cut the silence between them & say- Chashmish..

Pragya- eat the food first, then talk..

Abhi- Mogambo..

Pragya didn't give any reply to him.. they finish their food with silent..

After dinner, Pragya bring one coffee mug for Abhi, Abhi surprise by treatment..

Abhi pick coffee mug in his hand- so Chashmish knows my habit!

Pragya sit near on chair & say- what do I do, nobody else in my life a big jerk like you..

Abhi- it's too rude..

Pragya- I know.. now drink it & get out from my house..

Abhi- chill fuggy.. on morning I pick bacchu's for school..

Pragya- don't do that Abhi..

Abhi- one minute your condition, one week I can't meet them in house, so I meet them outside, I drop them school, I pick them from school too..

Pragya quickly cut him mid- and eat their half tiffin box too, to save them from my anger..

Abhi- one minute! How do you know about tiffin..

Pragya- coz Sunny hate Palak a lot, he always eat half tiffin, & both kids never throw their food in dustbin.. & today you pick them from school..

Abhi with irks tone- why you gave them such a boring vegetables in tiffin..

Pragya- for their good health, by the way, you go to Maa's house, she didn't ask you for dinner..

Abhi- she asked me, but I denies..

Pragya- why..

Abhi- coz I want to eat your boring dinner..

Pragya- you such a moron..

Abhi- you goofy..

Pragya- cut it here only..

Abhi- ok, by the way, I'm looking something for you..

Pragya only look him..

Abhi- won't you ask me, what I'm looking for you..

Pragya- I know you so well, something mischief thing in your mind against me..

Abhi with irks- no..

Pragya- ohh so rockstar think something new to irks me..

Abhi with more irks tone- no.. actually..

Pragya smiles- say it! Otherwise your stomach start to crumble..

Abhi- a good & perfect match for you..

Pragya- what! Come again! Repeat your words..

Abhi- a good & perfect match for you..

Pragya with stern voice- get out..

Abhi- what!

Pragya- get out from my house..

Abhi- arrye I didn't finish my coffee yet..

Pragya- out right now, with coffee mug..

Abhi- ok, chill & he get up from sofa..

Pragya again say-  sit..

Abhi with confusing tone- what!

Pragya- I said sit down..

Abhi again sit on sofa & look her..

Pragya- a perfect match! Who's in it..

Abhi- I'm alone..

Pragya mumble- Maa bhi naa!

Abhi listen her words- no.. rockstar mom don't know anything.. & he split the truth..

Pragya start to talk with herself- how many times, I told to Maa, I don't want to get marry, why she doing all of these..

Abhi come near her & sit on his both knees, take her both hands in his- look at me Chashmish..

Pragya look him..

Abhi- she is you Maa yaar, I know you don't want to get marry, you have some ethics.. but she's your mom, for her think once, even bacchu's want that, you to be settled in your own life, I know.. you want to give your lots of time for them, they knows that, they both proudly says, you're their mother, I understand.. you don't want anyone in your life, but for them think once..

Pragya with stern voice- I don't want anyone beside me..

Abhi- why Pragya, you never ever be a stone heart girl, then why you pretend yourselves..

Pragya- don't you know.. it's great news.. you done your babbling, plz leave my house..

Abhi- ok, for kids sake & mom sake, don't let them know, that you know the truth about these “perfect match”, they are happy in that.. plz.

Pragya- leave..

Abhi- Pragu, I start to call you Chashmish, when you become bookworm, you become stone heart girl, & I start to call you fuggy.. I still looking for that sweet, simple Pragu, she lost somewhere, plz for Maa's sake, search her in you.. & he leave her place..

Pragya close the door, she came in her room, tears roll down.. some blur images come in front of her eyes, she close her eyes so hard..

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