Sonora threw him a smile, then kept her attention on the inhabitants of the tank. She shivered. If Uncle Ian does have Ian, how could he possibly sit here with me as if nothing is happening? As if he doesn't hurt people? 

She watched her uncle out of the corner of her eye as he tried to make dolphin sounds back to the animals. He was failing so miserably Sonora was convinced the beautiful creatures were sending him puzzled looks. She giggled. The more time she spent with her uncle, the harder it was to believe that he was capable of anything awful.

"Until then, you're stuck with us." Devon chuckled as he reached into the water and scooping a handful threw it on Sonora.

She gasped, not from the water, it was warm, but from her uncle's actions. He was so meticulous she was surprised he'd started this game. It was a rare day for him to do so, he had to know where it would lead, Sonora was not one to hold back. 

"Uncle Devon!" Sonora sent him her own handful.

Another round of splashing and it began in earnest. When Sonora looked around she found a small fish bucket to send water her uncle's way.  

Standing there by the pool, his shirt soaked through to the point Sonora could see his chest hair, she couldn't help but laugh.

"Sunny Reeves!"

Sonora dropped the bucket and brought her hands to her mouth. "Oh, Uncle Devon, I'm so sorry! I hope you have a change of clothes, I know how much you hate—"

Her uncle's look of shock turned to strange before he too burst out laughing and rushed at her. She gasped and screeched as she turned to run, but it was too late, he caught her. Swinging her high, he carried her to the edge of the tank.

"No! You wouldn't Uncle Devon!" When he shook her a few times over the open water, she squealed and begged, "Please Uncle Devon, put me down."

He pretended to drop her. "Put you down, you say?"

"No, no! Please don't, please!" Sonora wrapped her arms around his neck as she pleaded and laughed.

"Well, you're going in one way or another."



Sonora clung to him no matter how hard Devon tried to shake her until finally, he jumped, dropping them both into the water. Sonora grabbed a breath on their way down and let Devon drag her deep into the tank.

The weight of the disturbed water and the tickle of air bubbles surrounded them as they fell. There was the smooth brush of rubbery skin and when Sonora opened her eyes three curious dolphins surrounded them.

Devon still held one of her hands, and he pat the dolphins with the other. His smile shone through the shadowy, light-streaked waters, and Sonora couldn't help but smile back at him. For a time, they hung suspended in the warm water surrounded by sea creatures.

It was a magical moment, something exceptional she would never forget. Sonora prayed her instincts about her uncle were right, that he was a good man. How could all of them have missed the evil in him if he was not?

The dolphins bumped the two of them toward the opposite edge of the pool, and they let themselves be pushed along. As they pulled themselves out of the water, Devon glanced at the camera facing the other side of the pool. 

Dripping water and laughing at themselves, the greeted the others as they came back into the room.

Blake looked at their soaked clothing and asked, "What happened here?"

Devon chuckled. "Oh, I just tried to drown your granddaughter."

Vincent swallowed and looked to the floor.

"No, you didn't, Uncle Devon," Sonora giggled.

"You're right," he said with a bop to her nose like he did when she was a child. "You survived. Your so resilient, just like the rest of your family."

"Our family."

"Yes, of course. Our family." Devon pulled at the clothes sticking to him. "Well, a change of clothing, and I'm back to work. I have a subject in need of an injection."

"Yikes!" Sonora said. She did not do well with needles. 

"Yes, yikes," Devon said, "You wouldn't believe how 'yikes' it is."

A/N: Sorry if this is a little rough. I'm getting to the end of NaNoWriMo and am pushing the chapters out. :) Less than 1,000 words to go! Don't worry the story will continue. :)

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