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Sonora swayed and grabbed her grandfather tighter as she tried to explain to Blake the feelings from Ian that swirled through her. "We need to leave now, Grandpa."

Blake put a hand around her waist, and they turned toward the door just as Devon burst through it with a tall skinny man in tow. 

Grandfather and granddaughter froze. "Keep up," they heard Devon say to the young man trailing him.

Devon beamed at his father-in-law and niece. "Hello, hello! Always a welcome surprise to find family here. What's the special occasion?"

Blake released his hold on Sonora, and she steadied, as he moved closer to Devon and gave him what Sonora called a 'man-hug'. It included a clasp of the hands and a thump or two on each other's backs.

From the smile on her grandfather's face, one would think seeing Devon was the highlight of his day. It shocked Sonora. She wondered how he could possibly act like they weren't suspicious of him.

But when Devon came to her and gently pulled her into a hug, rocking her from side to side, she found her arms beginning to slip around him before she could stop herself. She froze mid-hug. 

And now, it will be weird if I don't hug him and he'll know something is wrong. So I have to hug him. Sonora glanced at her grandfather. He gave her a slight nod, and she realized he was right. She tightened her arms around Devon so tightly he would never question anything about this visit.

Sonora ignored the weight hanging in her stomach over the even the possibility that her uncle was responsible for Ian and offered him a beaming smile. "I'm so glad you were able to see us."

"Of course, I would come to see my favorite niece," Devon chuckled. "Don't tell your sister that. But then she deserted me for another man."

"Oh, Uncle Devon, you're so funny."

After Devon introduced Vincent as his assistant, he asked if Anne was in the area. Blake and Sonora assured him the dolphin trainer was getting supplies for the dolphins.

"Has she been gone a while?" Devon asked. "Maybe she needs help."

"I can check," Vincent offered and took off for the door Sonora pointed out. He stopped and threw a look at Blake. "Hey, would you like to come with me?"

Blake's glance went from Devon to Sonora. She nodded at him, they needed to keep up the charade. Blake shrugged and said, "Sure, why not?" They two took off through the door.

Devon walked to the dolphin tanks and took a ring from their selections of toys. He threw it to the far side of the tank causing excited chirps and squeaks from the animals. No matter how long they play, they were ready for more.

When the lead dolphin brought it back, Devon held out his hand out to Sonora. "Would you like one too?"

Sonora stepped up to the edge of the tank and gave her uncle a smile. "Sure. These guys sure do love their play time."

Devon crouched giving a couple of them a rub as they passed by. "They do. I've always admired these animals. Perfectly made for their environment. I suppose you will be seeing that first hand for yourself now."

Sonora's head whipped toward him. "What?"

"You'll be graduating soon. I'm assuming you'll be putting that degree of yours to work."

Unsure of what he knew, Sonora tread carefully. "Oh, yes. Still some time yet, but soon enough that's true. It will be an experience."

Uncle Devon watched at her as he said, "I'm sure it will be."

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