Crushing😍 P.1- Jay

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Lloyd had been your crush ever since you met him. But, you were too nervous to tell him about your crush on him.

So, your brother and his girlfriend, Nya, decided to take things into their own hands and set you two up.

"Okay, so I will get Lloyd to come to the restaurant with me. I'll tell him we're getting dinner for everyone." Nya told your brother.

"Okay!" Jay smiled and nodded. "Sounds good, I'll do the same. You leave about ten minutes before us and it should work!"

And with that they put their plan into action, with you and Lloyd having no idea what masterplan was set in motion.

Nya and Lloyd were at the restaurant 'waiting for the food' while you and Jay were on the way. Once you walked inside and saw Lloyd and Nya, you blushed immediately knowing you had been set up.

" fair." You said and crossed your arms only to have your brother laugh at you. "Come on sis, it's time to tell him." He told you and walked over to Nya.

"Hey! Fancy seeing you guys here! Lloyd, Y/N talk and eat." Jay said and left the restaurant with Nya.

You stood their blushing when a waitress walked over. "Y/N and Lloyd?" She asked.

Lloyd looked over and nodded. "Um, yeah. That's us." He said, wondering what was going on.

The lady smiled. "This way please." She said and jead them to a table, where, coincidentally, there were two plates of food. "Here is your table, let me know if you need anything else." She said and left.

You and Lloyd sat down, looking at each other. "So um, What's going on? Why did Jay and Nya set this up?" He asked, wondering why.

You gave a soft sigh, and despite how nervous and shy you were about this subject. So you went for it. "I like you, a lot...."

"That's all?" He asked, wondering why she would be so nervous about that. To be honest he liked her a lot too. "All you had to do was say that, cause I like you too...."

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