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Year: 1918

I coughed as i glanced at my older brother.

He was still but he was atleast breathing. Edward was doing worse as time wore on here, in this hospital.

I hear the nurses and doctor's talk.


'To bad for those Masen children isn't it?'

'First the mother and father, now those children.'

'Poor fellow won't last much longer.'

They don't think i know but i do. Mother always told me i had a gift of knowing things before anyone else did and helping them hope something better. It seems like only yesterday......

Right about now father would be getting out of work. Edward and i, already out of school, would wait at the front gate for him, waving to the neighbor's. Mother would be cooking dinner and after we'd work on our sewing.

"You'll make someone and excellant wife someday Gemma.' She'd tell me as she helped me stich whatever it was i was working on that day.

"Now Elizabeth. Don't go on talking about that." My father would scold her. "I won't give up my girl without a fight. Some gentleman, asking for her hand will have to come through me to have a chance."

"Yes mother, she is only 14 after all." Edward reminded her, flipping my braids.

That was 2 years ago, when we were happy and together. Before the outbreak of Spanish Influenza came into our life.

Father got it first, then mother, Edward and i.

Mother only died a few hours ago. She told us she loved us, even though Edward was barely concious. Her dying breath was to Dr. Cullen.

He was a fairly young doctor and a georgeous man also. He was so kind, treating his patients with kindness and patience unlike some who refused to touch us.

Dr. Cullen always made time to spend with Edward, Mother and i.

In my mind i knew that Edward and i weren't going to last long. Dr. Cullen knew it to, the way he kept coming in and checking Edward made that clear.

I sat at the side of Edward's bed as he slept.

Edward was a brother, friend and provider all in one. He was all i have left.

"Ms. Masen?" Dr. Cullen's voice asked from the doorway.

I turned and nodded for him to come in. And he did.

He stood on my right, watching silently as i gripped Edward's hand. I tried to stall the tears that were threatening. I would give my life to save my brother.

To bad i was dying to. 

"Ms. Masen, you have to understand that he won't last to much longer my dear." Dr. Cullen said sadly to me. He had been supportive.

"I know Dr. Cullen." I looked up at the blonde angel to my right. "How long?"

"A few hours i'm afraid." He sigh's and place's a hand on my shoulder. The gesture was something a father would do when having a discussion with a child.

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