Chapter 36

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"Don't," Ezekiel whisper yelled. 

"I have to. They won't understand, otherwise." Facing the brave warriors of her pack, Aylin steeled her nerves, and told the truth. "The reason the demons have descended upon us is because of me." 

Immediately, murmurs went through the crowd. Anger radiated of the group before her, and she was sure this would be her end. 

"Events happened previously, which I was unaware of, to warrant the attack of my old pack, and the subsequent attack we had this evening in the cells. You should know that the King bears no fault in any of this." 

Ezekiel flinched when she said that. Throwing herself under the bus, but defending him to the last. Looking forward, he saw Quill with the same reaction. If there was a riot, there would be no way that either of them would be able to save Aylin. 

"My heart breaks for this pack because this is a fight that should never have come to your doorstep. I realize that the King just announced me, but I leave it to you to decide my fate. I can't ask you to follow a leader when you don't trust that leader. I will respect any decision put forth by you."

When Aylin was done speaking, the entire room was silent. Frozen to the spot. 

All of a sudden, Angus moved to stand in front of the King and Queen. Turning to face the crowd, he spoke. "Now, I'm not sure what happened in the Queen's life for demons to want her, nor does it really matter. In a moment when she could have easily destroyed me for my crime, she didn't. She thought only of how I felt, how to make it better. The King chose her for a reason, and I think I finally understand that reason." Facing the two again, Angus knelt down. 

Tears threatened to fall hearing what the Delta said. For the longest time, she never thought that she would be able to get along with him. They had such a rocky beginning, filled with angst and hatred. The very notion that one day he would even consider to accept her was something that she didn't think would happen. 

Instead, he knelt in front of her, pledging his loyalty, despite what had happened. She was almost unable to contain the monsoon of tears that were dripping down her cheeks. 

Stepping up, Ezekiel spoke again to his warriors. "There you have it. If you didn't believe me, believe the word of a man who has lost entirely too much in the last few hours." 

Sneaking a glance at Quill, Aylin blocked everyone else. 'Did you tell him?'

'No choice. There was too much commotion for him not to ask the question.'

Their moment was interrupted when Aylin felt Ezekiel grasp her hand. Looking out, everyone was bowed down in reverence. Gasping, the sight was something to behold. 

"Do you all pledge your loyalty to me, your King, and to your Queen? Say aye!"


The woman couldn't believe that these wolves were pledging their loyalty, despite everything. All of them were on one knee, heads bowed. She could see the deep seeded trust they had in their king which spurned their decision. Aylin was proud to be Queen of a pack of loyal, trustworthy wolves. 

"For the time being, I want constant patrols outside. If anyone in their homes feels uncomfortable staying there, they are welcome to stay in the castle. Even though everyone is inside the wall, we should all stick together." 

With that, everyone dispersed to their respective roles. 

Angus was about to go as well, when Aylin stopped him. "Delta Angus!" Freezing, he turned around to face his Queen. "I....I'm so sorry," she cried. 

Offering her a slight side smile, the Delta spoke. "A Queen who would cry over the death of someone like her, deserves my loyalty." Bowing slightly, he took his leave. 

Just the pair was left in the throne room after everyone dispersed. 

Ezekiel took a good look at his mate, and was proud. Initially, he was incredibly nervous about revealing what they learned. But, in the end, it was better to be honest. Something that Aylin taught him along the way. 

Some time had gone by and there was no progress with patrols. No signs of any demons, including the one that was released. The King was updated hourly, and the Queen was tending to those who chose to stay inside the castle. 

So many people chose the safety of the fortress. It made Aylin feel better to know that it would be that much harder for demons to attack inside. But there was something that bothered her. 

Taking leave for a moment, she slipped into the library. Checking around the shelves, she found rows upon rows of shelves about demons. Grabbing the first one, she cracked it open to the table of contents. 

"Let's see. Habitat, no. Lesser demon, no. Higher demons, here it is." Flipping to the pertinent pages, it seemed much the same as werewolf mates. Continuing on, something caught her eye. "If a higher demon finds his mate, it must ingest the blood of the demon for the bond to be formed. If the bond is broken, the mate in question will forever carry the burden of feeling the pain of the rejected mate. In most cases, higher demon mates are human or another higher demon. It is next to impossible for any other supernatural being to become such." Confused, Aylin continued. 

As she looked through the other books on the subject, something tumbled to the floor behind her. Startled, she looked and it was a book on demons, open to a specific page. Checking the cover, it was a book detailing the higher demons known of in existence, both dead and alive. "Chapter 12: Zagan the Unmerciful." Gulping, Aylin already didn't like where those words were headed. 

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