Primerica Top Earner Secrets: How To Become A Top Producer In Primerica

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Primerica business-builders: Do you want to know what it takes to become a top earner? If you seek to become a top earner, you need a promotion strategy to implement because you'll run out of friends and family to approach. You MUST learn to market! Here are 3 strategies 7-figure income earners use to build network marketing empires today:

-Position At The Top Your Of Pay Plan

A large number of network marketing product lines have multiple tiers. To give you one example:

- One item that's the most affordable.

- A middle tier.

- One product at the most expensive price point.

Make sure you purchase the highest-tier product. Your Primerica income will be a lot higher. Often you can sell only what you have purchased.

- Selling a basic version will pay the lowest commission.

- You will earn the biggest payouts when you sell the highest level product.

The premium commission might pay five to twenty times more money per sale than the basic level! Your Primerica business is likely to face HUGE challenges if you don't get in at the top level:

- What you get paid is a tiny percentage of what you could be earning, with the exact same amount of time and effort.

- You won't be able to compete with those positioned properly at the top of the pay plan. They can outspend you on advertising.

- You're basically telling your subconscious you don't have enough faith in your opportunity to play big. Because of this, you won't have the drive and follow-through necessary to succeed.

Under no circumstances should you allow how much money you think you have be the deciding factor here. Purchase the top tier. Success in your Primerica business might depend on it.

-Don't Chase People

The majority of Primerica reps are taught to make a list of friends, family and others to approach about their opportunity. This approach only works for a month or two, then you run out of people to talk to about your business.

Marketers start chasing after people at events, in stores, and at restaurants to try to get them into their business. You're not going to make real money by running around chasing after total strangers. Almost non eof these people are going to be a match for your Primerica opportunity.

Forget approaching total strangers about Primerica. Get prospects to approach YOU about Primerica. Attracting prospects, as opposed to approaching these people, has tremendous advantages:

- Much higher conversion rates into your business. You earn more, and do less.

- Sponsor 5 to 10 times as many prospects, so your Primerica revenue growth rate increases exponentially

- Quality of life goes way up. You deal with a lot fewer uncommitted reps. and people who aren't eager to work.

Your positioning needs to change if you're going to attract prospects to you. You should not position yourself as a business owner seeking to grow his organization. Position yourself as an coach who teaches network marketers how to effectively develop any home business.

Write blog posts or shoot short videos that teach specific skills that will help networkers grow their businesses. There will be followers of your content who seek you out to join your opportunity.

-Promote A Funded Proposal On The Front End

Your Primerica venture is going to generate expenses. You've got to cover advertising, marketing systems, and autoship. 95% of your prospects will NEVER join your opportunity. You're going to waste your money on prospects that won't generate you any revenue.

How would you like to get paid by the 95% of prospects that don't join your Primerica opportunity? This is what a funded proposal does for your business. A funded proposal is something easy to sell and inexpensive which covers your overhead costs.

After people have bought your low ticket front-end offer, you promote your Primerica business to them on the back end. Good funded proposals are ebooks, educational courses and marketing systems designed for network marketers. Funded proposals usually cost less than $100 and pay out commissions of $20-$50 per sale.

Once you've sold an inexpensive training product or tool, call your customers. Provide some suggestions how they can make best use of the product they just purchased. When you position yourself as a leader, some of your customers will ask about your Primerica business. You'll literally have people signing up for Primerica without prospecting!

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