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"Beautiful day," Hermione commented as she Aurora, Harry and Ron walked through the school grounds one Saturday, on their way to talk to Hagrid about what will happen to Buckbeak after the 'Draco incident'.

"Oh, yeh, gorgeous. Unless you've been ripped to pieces," Ron said his voice sarcastic and bitter. 

"Ripped to pieces?" Aurora asked glancing between the ginger haired boy and the girl, "What do you mean?"

"Ron has lost his rat," Hermione explained rolling her eyes whilst the ginger haired boy gasped at her, "I haven't lost anything. Your cat killed him!" Ron argued back, his eyes angry as he glared at Hermione. 

"Rubbish," she said as she walked ahead of the others, her arm looped through Aurora's.

"Harry you've seen the way that bloodthirsty beast of hers is always lurking about, and now Scabber's is gone!"

Hermione turned around, her arm falling from Aurora's who looked at Harry both of them looking annoyed at the arguing pair, "Well, maybe you should take better care of your pets!" Hermione told him.

"Your cat killed him!" Ron argued back as the group walked down a hill, coming closer to the Black Lake.

"Did not."


"Did not."

"How did it go, Hagrid?" Aurora asked as the group stooped Hagrid standing at the edge of the Lake, "The hearing?"

Hagrid greeted the students with a small smile before he turned back to look at the Lake, throwing stones into it, "Well, first off, the committee members took turns talkin' about why we were there. I got up, did my piece. Said how Buckbeak was a good Hippogriff, always cleaned his feathers. The Lucius Malfoy got up. Well, yeh can imagine.... He said Buckbeak was a deadly and dangerous creature who would kill yeh as soon as yeh looked at it."

"And then?" Harry asked, his face filled with concern for the games-keeper.

"And then they asked for the worst, did old Lucius."

"They're not sacking you!" Hermione exclaimed. 

Hagrid shook his head, his eyes looked watery as if he was about to start crying, "No, I'm not sacked. Buckbeak's been sentenced to death!"


Aurora retuned to the Gryffindor common room, alone. She sat on the burgundy couch in front of the blazing fireplace playing with a loose thread on her sweater before she pulled out a spare piece of parchment and her quill as she wrote her letter to Charlie.

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