Chapter 1: Surprise!

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*Savannah's POV*

"Get up sweetie!! Time to go to school!" My mom screamed at the bottom of the stairs. 'More like the hell hole that we call school.' My mind told me. I roll out of bed and sigh as I walk into the bathroom. I look at my own reflection in the mirror. I disgust myself. I take my clothes off and jump in the shower. The water stings on all of the cuts the were recently made last night. I quickly jump out of the shower an wrap myself in a towel and go to my bedroom to get some clothes. I pick out some ripped black skinny jeans that I got from hot topic and a Misfits T-Shirt with my black Vans that have skulls on them. I look at the frilly Dress that hangs in my closet. My mom made me get that 3 months ago for my cousins wedding. I still hate her for making me wear that. I apply a thick layer of Eyeliner and mascara and walk out the door to my car. 'Your grades are good. Why do you need to go to school?' My mind told me once again. So I decide to skip school. I start up my car and put in the CD: "We Stitch theses Wounds" by probably the best freaking band in the world, Black Veil Brides.

"Awake at night you focus, on everyone who's hurt you. And write a list of targets, your violence lacks of virtue..."

I start screaming 'Perfect Weapon' with the windows down and the music blasting. Suddenly I hear someone scream, "Go Kill yourself! This world will be better off without you!" Then they throw something at my car and drive away. It was all the preps from the school. The Football players, The Cheerleaders, and last but not least, The Basketball players. Damn. I hate them. They help make my life a living hell. I pull up to a Starbucks and I get a Coffee. My friend Patricia works there. She is always so nice when she sees me! She makes my day way better.

"Hey! What's up? Let me guess, The usual?" She says. "You know me too well." I told her with the biggest smile on my face. She walks away to get my coffee and my muffin. "Here ya go sweetheart!" She says laughing. "You hate your job don't you?" Patricia Nods. "Well let's get outta here." I said. "What are you talking about? I can't just... Leave." I look at her with the biggest puppy dog eyes. Cars start to honk their horns so I stick up my middle finger and park my car to go inside. Patricia Continues, "Watch this." Patricia takes off her Starbucks apron and hat then climbs on top of the counter and starts screaming the lyrics to 'Rebel Love Song' by Black Veil Brides and dancing around the customers. Why that song? Well, she ran out to my car with me and we drive away.

"Not again..." Patricia says looking at my thighs at the fresh cuts. She looks at me with disgust. I disgust myself too. "I'm sorry." I said looking away from the road. "Why? Why do you insist on hurting yourself?" She looked at me holding my hand. "Why are you holding my hand? You never do this Patricia." Patricia looks away blushing. "I just don't want you to hurt anymore." I could tell that Patricia was hiding something. was something going on with Patricia too? I pull up to my house and walk in with Patricia right behind me. I look at the bar in my kitchen and there is an envelope with a letter attached to it. "WHAT DOES IT SAY?!?!" Patricia says poking my sides. She knows that I am so freaking ticklish so i scream. I grab the letter and it reads: Hi Sweetheart. Me and your dad know that you just turned 18 and that you have been having a hard time with everything lately. So I want you to take the envelope and read what is on it. We love you.

I open the Envelope and pull out 2 VIP tickets for the Black Veil Brides Concert tomorrow night!!!!! "HOLY SHIT!!! YOU ARE TAKING ME AND NO ONE ELSE!!! I QUIT MY FUCKING JOB FOR YOU!!!" Patricia says grabbing me by my shoulders and shaking me. I totally just blacked out. I don't remember anything else after that. I'm finally gonna meet the people that saved my life. I can't believe this.

I woke up the next day at 3:00 PM and the concert was in 3 more hours! I'm still freaking out. I get up to find a note taped to the back of my door. It's from Patricia. 'Hey, Just wanted to tell you that I left early to go to my house and get some clothes for the concert tonight. I should be back by 5. I took your car by the way. Don't worry I won't crash your beauty. Love ya! :)' I laugh at the note then crumble it up and throw it away. I walk to the bathroom and look in the mirror to find make-up smeared all over my face. I clean up my face and stare at my reflection. Wow. It's amazing how much I disgust myself. Ehh. I will just get over it I guess. I get in the shower and I hear the door slam. I guess It's Patricia. I start hearing footsteps walk up the stairs. "Hey Patricia!!" I scream at the top of my lungs. "Hurry!! I have a surprise for you!!" Patricia screams as she slams my bedroom door. I wrap my body up in a towel and walk out. "Patricia! Where are you?" I walk down the stairs and start to search for her. I go back up stairs to find her stanmding in front of my Bedroom door. "What are you doing?" I said chuckling a little bit. I reach for my doorknob but she slaps my hand away. "What the hell?!" I yell at Patricia. "I saw the Black Veil Brides tour bus going down the street towards the venue so I kinda followed the bus to where it was going and it went to a starbucks instead. So I watched them go in and I followed them in and talked to them for a little bit." Patricia explained to me while she covered my eyes and basically pushed me into my bedroom. "Surprise!" Patricia yelled as she uncovered my eyes. Holy Shit. I can't believe this...

So! How do you like it? Should I keep doing things like this? I really like typing things and having you all read some of this. CHAPTER 1... More to come just get ready!! Please Comment and tell me what you think. I love your guys' feedback!

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