Chapter 3

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Ethan's P.O.V

I smiled when I saw Emma's text saying 'good night, don't let the bitches bite' and opened the house door. I went to the leaving room and Grayson was standing there pacing. I frowned kicking my shoes off.

"What's up?"

He turned the phone he was holding. 

There a picture of me and Emma at the party kissing, "This is what's up all over Twitter." He answer's.

I walked up to him grabbing the phone out of his hands glaring at the screen.

"What. The. Fuck? How?"

Grayson shrugs, "Guess people these days are harder to trust."

I glared at him, "It wasn't Emma's friends."

"I'm not saying it's Emma's friends," He raised his hands "I'm just saying maybe, the people at the party. I told you to be more careful."

"It wasn't like I was having a make out season with her."

"Maybe, you should have, I don't know, kissed somewhere else. Who was there."

"Ellie's friends, Emma's friends, Meridith, this guy name Joh-"

he cut me off, "Meridith! She was there? dude she could have been the one who posted that!"

I shook my head, "That can't be. I was watching her- not that way- and she wasn't on her phone much. Also the last I saw her she was with me."

"Still, what if she was jealous or something?" He urged.

"No! it can't be her. She was the one to make me tell Emma I liked her. She was happy for us. It dosent make sense for her to do that" 

Grayson sighed, and I knew he still didn't believe me, "I'm just saying bro."

I sat on the couch, "I dont care, what would our fans think?"

Grayson took his phone from my hand and scroll through something then showed me the phone again, "I think they are celebrating."

I read the comments and they were positive.

'yes! Finally a dream come true!'

'Omg, where's the party supplies when I need it!'

'This is so great I'm sooooo happy for them!'

'I think I'm going to faint from happiness'

I smiled, "We have awesome fans. I'm glade they are fine about it."

Grayson smirked, "Yeah." Then he frowned, "You guys might struggle a bit on social media"

I sighed, "I know. I need to call Emma."

I heard my phone ringing and when I checked it it was her, guess she got the news already.

Emma's P.O.V

I'm on a full fledge freak out right now.

Pacing wasn't my thing, I fucking hate pacing, but now I am trying to find out who post this. Ellie and Hannah- the best friends they are- locked all the doors and demand for the person whoever post it to step forward. 

"Fuck." I say. After the twenty time. 

Hannah sighed and walked away from Ellie, who was still yelling at the people to come forward, she gave up and place a hand on my shoulder.

"I'm sorry."

"I don't care, honestly you could have asked, next I'm freaking out 'cause I feel bad for my fans. They'll think I'm keeping way more secrets than I should." I said.

Hannah nodded, ""I know. Your so kind Ema, thinking about your fans then your self. Who ever it is was a bitch, first, creep, second, ask."

I sighed, "I should call Ethan. He should know."

"Oh my God Emma!" Meredith raced up to me.

Mind you, I dont like her. Not because she kissed Ethan, or because she was his ex, or the she's too... clingy or that shes' the most pretty one here, also even after she' blessed' our relationship I just don't like her 'cause of my instincts. I just have a thing where I'll look at you and automatically hate you because somehow I feel like you wont do good in my life. And I can't have people who are, what's the word, a bitch, to mess up my already messed up life.

Thank you Next.

"Who ever it is, is a bitch. Honestly, why posting things like that" she pushed a strand of hair behind her ear.

I stared at her, "Yeah." I suspect it was her...

What? Instinct people. 

So I asked,

"So, where were yo-"

"It was me!" Someone called from the crowd. Cutting me off.

This dude, I didn't know, came up and raised an arm, "It was me. I'm sorry. I was doing it for fun. I thought you wouldn't mind, but I should have ask. I'm sorry. You guys were just so cute."

I was already mad, but the fact that he admitted made me feel... a little mad.

"'kay. At least you admitted. That's all I wanted."

Ellie had other plans, "Guess we found our janitor tonight." She announced arms on her hips.

Hannah shook her head, "I wonder where Ellie gets her friends from." She whispers to me.

Meredith shook her head glaring at the dude, "Wow" she whispers, like she cares.

I looked at her, she wasn't the one who posted that. Guess my instincts was wrong. 

 Then I went to the corner to call Ethan.


sorry I didn't publish, I had a science test today.

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