For The Love Of Family II

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“Well?” His mom pushed, her curiosity at its highest. She had a growing desire to meet this woman. It was one rollercoaster ride that they were on, but she could tell that they loved each other.

“I've been in love before— this is different. She's not just the woman I love, she's.. everything, ma. I don't know how to explain the way she makes me feel..”

She relaxed in her chair and smiled in his direction, turning the matter over in her head. “I see. And when are you going after her?”

Sam looked up at her, his face scrunched up. “Ma—I told you, I don't know where she is.” Confusion laced his voice but she waved it off, while standing to clear the table.

“You did. But let me ask you this. How long will it take you to find me if I disappeared without a word?”

“Ma.” His tone was a warning one. He knew her too well. And nothing was just an example.

“I'm not going anywhere, boy. Not now anyway. But there's a point that I'm trying to get you to see.”

“I could find Zelah in an hour with the help of the police, but that's not the point.”

“Forget points right now, Samuel and find that child. You can punish her however you like, but after you make sure she's okay. Don't take that risk.”

He hated how right she was at the moment. He couldn't lie, he missed her terribly. But all of this wasn't in his plans, looking for her was his last option, not first.

“Send a text, leave this place and go get your wife. You'll be miserable if she's harmed.” His mom raised a brow at him, and he stood up.

“Thanks Mama,” he hugged her, “I'll see you soon.”

“Don't come back here without Zelah and Damien,” she patted his cheek after he let her go.

“Yes ma'am. I'll call you.”

He left with one intent in mind. He was going to see her, today, no matter what it took.


Her palms slipped on the iron railing as her fingers tried to grip them. She stood, looking out over the lagoon as calmly as she could. To allow the ambience to calm her down, but it worked as well as flicking a electrical switch when there was no current.

She was woozy and sweating from the lack of food, but she didn't want to risk it. The pills helped to calm her stomach. She just hoped that it would work with her mother around.

“Zelah?” Her mother's voice reached her ears suddenly.


She gripped the iron tightly and exhaled harshly. The sound of a chair being pulled out behind her spurred her into action.

She resigned to her fate and turned around, taking a quick glance of her mother. The image did away with her nerves almost immediately as she blurted out, “You're wearing jeans.”

Her mom wore a yellow, flowery blouse with a tiny strap and blue jeans. It was so strange to see that she forgot the purpose of their meeting.

“Is that a crime?” Her mother asked, a smile playing around her lips.

“It should be. And your hair is out. Why is your hair out?” She peered at her mother with disbelieving eyes.

“I just felt like it. I thought—that it would make you feel more comfortable.”

“Oh..I see.”

The silence returned, leaving Zelah in a state of panic. She swallowed it with difficulty, and clenched her now sweaty palms in her lap.

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