For The Love Of Family II

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She ended the call for the fifth time, letting the unbridled fear of her mother take control. She sat at the edge of the freshly made bed, tapping her sneaker clad feet against the tiled floor.

She felt like the drug was wearing off before it could even begin to work. The bottle of pills was within reach of her hand, but even in her befuddled mind she was scared.

What if she took more than was necessary?

The vibration of her phone in her hand startled her and she jerked involuntarily, causing it to tumble out of her hand.

In seconds, she grabbed the bottle and popped another blue pill, swallowing it dry. Her hands started shaking as she picked up her phone from the floor.



It had answered from the impact of the fall. And the voice that filtered through the speakers sent her brain into blank mode.

“... Zelah?”

“Yes..h-hi..” She gripped the phone tighter and tried to control her breathing. “Can I meet you?”

“..yes, sure. Where are you?”

“The resort..A la Lagunè. Can you come?”

“I'll be there in fifteen minutes. Are you..are you okay?”

She opened her mouth to answer, then decided against it. The silence hovered over the both of them until she pressed the end button.

Her hands started shaking, and she wasn't sure why. She felt light-headed and hungry, but she couldn't eat.

She wouldn't.

Her stomach loved to misbehave around her mother, but she was prepared today. No food went in, so no food will come out.

I have to do this.

The minutes went ticking by as she waited, with hands folded in her lap. She tried to console herself with happy thoughts, but even that was proving hard to do.

Her phone lit up with another message from Sam. She was surprised, but glad for the interruption. He hadn't reached out in hours and it had shaken her up a little.

Sam: Today. This ends today. It's either you tell me where you are, or I get the police involved. I'm not playing games with you.

She pulled her bottom lip into her mouth and bit down on it. He wasn't playing anymore. And just a little bit, but it scared her. His reaction conjured up different scenarios in her head about how it will all go down when he comes.

Another text dinged under the first, and it spiked her pulse erratically.

Sam: Zelah. Now.

She hastily texted him back and turned her location on.

Zelah: Sorry..I'm sorry.

She sighed and got up, deciding to go and sit beside the water to wait.

Wait for her personal doomsday to begin.


His mom listened to him as he tried to explain everything. Around his fourth cup of tea and two oranges, his voice was clearer but it was still bad.

“...I didn't want to tell you until I was sure that it was going anywhere. We had a—rough start, it was terrible. But no matter what she does, she's the person that..” He trailed off, staring at his fingers.

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