2. Thought

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The road to work was silent even if a song was playing in the background.

I quietly sing along as I drive down the street. The trees seem to past fast as I drive past time. All I could focus on was the road in front of me. There was nothing beside me to distract me, to tell me to stop. To tell me to change my road. So I just followed down that path, continuing to drown in it.

Finally, I arrived at work. I parked the car where it had to be and quickly entered the building.

"Good morning," I smile towards the young man at the reception. "Good morning," he quickly smiles back.

I walk towards my level and enter my office, quickly taking a seat and starting up my computer while I opened the new files that have been waiting for me on my desk.

"An American needs help with translation and filling in his documents and I have to send them in as well... Alright I'll do that right away," I mumble to myself.

And just then the phone rings and I turn myself towards it, picking it up.

"Hey, y/n," a familiar voice speaks up.
"Oh, Joshua I didn't expect to hear something from you today," I smile as I speak on the phone.
"Should I call tomorrow instead then?"
"No, no," I chuckle, "so why did you call?"
"There will be a new worker here in this department so I wanted to tell you already. He'll be coming by later today or tomorrow, I'm not sure."
"Can you send me his files?"
"I just send them," he laughs lightly, "he should be around your age."
"How do you know my age," I gasp.
"We are friends!"
"No, we are colleagues," I blurt out.

"Did you just colleague-zone me out of nowhere"
"Is that even a word?"
"I hate you."
"I was going to ask if you'd like to join me for lunch but okay, bye-"
"No! Wait! I'd gladly join you for lunch!"
"Yeah, bye Joshua-"
"I'm sorry okay-"
"I'm just kidding Joshua, sure you can join me. Then maybe we could also talk about the new worker that will be coming."
"Ah, yeah alright. Well then, I'll see you at lunch?"
"I'll wait downstairs at the reception," I smile.
"See you soon, bye," he says and hangs up after I bid him goodbye as well.

While I waited for lunch, I checked the document Joshua had send me. I read through the information and found myself nodding along.

But my thoughts suddenly were carried away by a wave of feeling. I was worried about him, even if he would never be worried about me.

I was wondering if he had someone by his side to eat lunch with, if he had a colleague that he could almost call a 'friend'.

I wondered what his thoughts were.

But, deep inside, I knew there wasn't much. I was just an object, nothing more. A toy he could play with. A dog he could hold on a leach and drag down the streets. I wish I was stronger than him. 

~author note~

I really like what the story is in my mind but it really takes me lots of time to type it out. Writing isn't easy. Don't take any written word for granted.

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