Fourteen: Kisses

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Our lips press together and I feel sparks fly throughout my whole body. He moves his hands from my face to my waist and he pushes our fronts together.

My hands move from his face to his the back of his neck and I play with the curly hair, running my hands through it. I hear him slightly groan and the vibrations run through my whole body, picking up my heart rate.

I move my legs to either side of him, straddling his waist and he rests his hands on the small of my back.

I move my lips from his and start kissing his cheeks, jawline and neck whilst grinding down on him. Releasing soft moans and listening to his soft groans.

He flips us over in one soft, fast motion, so that now he's on top of me with my legs around his waist.

He quickly connects our lips again, moving roughly against each other whilst my hands reach up the back of his shirt.


I sit up and push Finn off me instantly and look at the door, seeing Ava with her hands covering her eyes.

"Mummy, Finn and Millie are eating each other's faces!!!" She says running down the hallway.

Finn laughs softly, slowly rising from the ground.

"Sorry" I say apologising for pushing him off the bed and he just does a hand gesture as a way of saying 'it's ok'.

It silent for a while, and I think we are both just trying to comprehend what just happened, well at least I am.

"So, wanna watch a movie or something?" He says jumping back onto the bed, drawing me out of my thoughts and pulling me closer to him, so that I'm now lying down and his head is resting on my chest and his arm is set around my waist.

I snuggle closer to him, whilst nodding my head as a yes and wrap my arm around him, as I start giving him back tickles and he sighs into my chest.

I grab the remote off my bedside table and turn on the TV, instantly going onto Netflix.

"There's this show, called Strangest Things it's set in like the 70's, it looks pretty cool. Want to watch it?" I ask him.

"Yeah sure, how many seasons?"


"Well let's just binge watch them all in one day." He says smiling up at me.

"Ok." I say and I turn it on, Finn instantly wrapping his arm around me tighter.


"You guys haven't left this bed all day."

"Mum, it's the 9th last episode please let us finish." I say, my eyes not leaving the TV.

"You haven't moved, you lazy shits." She says, making Finn laugh and I hear his chest rumble, beneath me.

"Actually we have. We've switched cuddling positions multiple times." I retort back.

"Wow Millie you deserve a medal. Good job." My mum says, her voice spitting with sarcasm.

"Nine more episodes mum, please, just nine more and then we will leave."

"Fine, but just so you know Finns my new favourite child." She says, turning around and I scoff in defence and disbelief

"Thank you Mrs Brown, your my favourite too!" Finn shouts.

"Call me Kelly, Finn." Mum shouts back and I roll my eyes, then looking back at my show.


"Oh my god that was amazing." I say sitting up and stretching, whilst wiping my tears.

"It was good." Finn says yawning and I look at my phone to see the time.


We watched the whole show in one day. My mum had to bring in food for us and I cried multiple times.

I'm impressed with myself.

"You know you kind of look like the girl in the show." Finn says turning on his side and I slide into his side, becoming the little spoon.

"Really?" I say surprised, I thought we looked like completely different people.

"Hmm, but your way hotter." He mumbles into my neck.

"Thank you." I whisper. "You kind of look like the Mike guy, but way cuter." I say and I feel him smile into my neck.

"I'm probably a much better kisser aswell." He says and I can imagine the smirk on his face.

"Probably." I whisper with a slight smile on my face. "Let's sleep." I say and I grab the hand that was on my waist and kiss it softly.

"Goodnight, love." He whispers, giving the back of my neck a soft kiss.

"Good night Finnie."


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