Chapter 8

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Chaeyoung's POV

I exited my house, wearing a black long sleeve with white leather jacket and a ripped black jeans as I head to Mina's dorm.

Mina greeted me with a long passionate kiss as I reach her dorm.

"I miss you. " Mina said.

"Me too. " I replied.

We layed in bed as Mina wanted to cuddle.

"How about we have a group date with 2yeon, Dahmo and satzu? Since they still don't know about us, how about we give them a surprise? " I said to Mina as I buried my face near her chest.

"Okay..I know it'll be fun." Mina reply with a smile as she pat my head

I sat up straight and group called them.

"HEYY BOYSSS LET HAVE GROUP DATE" I shouted in the call

"Wait you have a date???!"Jeongyeon,Momo and Tzuyu said at the same time

"You'll see. Just meet at XXX restaurant in 10 minutes. " I said and ended the call.

I told Mina that we will be having our at at XXX restaurant to she change into a white shirt with black leather and white ripped jeans, both of us are also wearing nike sport shoes. We were sort of matching but opposite colours.

We waited for the couples to arrive as Mina continue playing with my fingers. The sound of bell on the door alarmed me while Mina was still playing with my fingers. Being clingy couples, Jeongyeom was teasing Nayeon making Nayeon blush, Tzuyu was quiet but he was rubbing his thumb against sana's hand while holding hand and Momo was telling Dahyun some jokes and laughing.

"Why are you here Mina? And where's your date Chaeyoung? Jeongyeon said you have a date. " Nayeon said with a confused look on her face

"They are obviously dating. "Tzuyu said with a emotionless face.

"YALL DATING?! " Sana and Dahyun shouted

"But we just started dating yesterday. " Mina said as she looked at me with a sweet smile and held my hand

After our long conversation about us dating, we ordered food and had our lunch.

After lunch

"How about we watch a movie? I bought a new horror movie DVD. Lets take the DVD to Chaeyoung's house and watch it there. " Tzuyu said with excitement

"But why my house? " I asked

"Because you live alone only with your sister and your house is big. " Jeongyeon said with a wide smile.

We drove to my house as Jeongyeon and Nayeon drove back to his house to get his DVD. When we reach, I prepared some popcorn and icecream since i feel like eating it. I switched on the air-conditioning and relaxed on the sofa.

"Whats going on? " Noona asked

"We are having a group date. Now we are waiting for Jeongyeon to deliver his movie DVD. Wanna join?" I asked

Jihyo sat down on my left as Mina was on my right holding my hands.

"ARE YALL DATING?!" Noona shouted with her loud ass voice

"Yes...yes...don't need to shout.. " I said

Jeongyeon and Nayeon came in with the DVD and we started the movie.

Sitting arrangement


Floor             satzu dahmo
Sofa        2yeon michaeng jihyo

"AHHHHH" all the girls shouted

The movie started with a jump scare.
I ear almost gone deaf as Jihyo shouted.Mina and Jihyo clinged onto me as I pat both of their heads.
Dahmo was hugging each other.
Nayeon clinged onto Jeongyeon while shivering because she was so scared.
Tzuyu remain with his emotionless face as Sana clinged onto him.

The movie wasn't that bad but i got to admit that it was scary although I act like nothing during the movie. Mina and Jihyo was clinging on me the whole movie and I think my right ears had gone deaf because of noona's scream.

Meanwhile, Nayeon was so scared that she ended her hugging Jeongyeon and covering her eyes for almost the whole movie.

Tzuyu kept on hugging Sana to make sure she wasn't scared. While Dahyun and Momo was both hugging each other.

After movie

The rest already went home accept Mina.

I went to the kitchen to have water while I was in deep thoughts Mina back hugged me.

"You tired? " I ask Mina.

Then I felt a slight nod movement on my back. I turned my back to see Mina closing her eyes as I cupped her face and gave her a peck and asked,

"I send you home now? " I ask Mina

"No...I wanna sleep with you and cuddle with you.. " Mina said in a sleepy tone

Mina wanted me to carry her so I carried her on my back up to my room.

"Hey...I don't have any shirt for you..I am gonna give your the smallest one I have,okay? " I asked her as she gave me a nod.

She went to change in the bedroom's toilet as I change in the bedroom. While I was change was shirt, Mina came out, I quickly wore my shirt hoping that Mina did not see anything as she had her eyes closed.

'My smallest clothes still look big on her and she's not wearing any pants since the shirt is big enough to cover her. She's so hot. Got to control myself. ' I thought to myself

I lay in bed as Mina found my neck and hugged me.

"Your abs are pretty hot. I love you. Goodnight. " Mina whispered

"Well thanks. Your legs looks pretty sexy too. I love you too. Goodnight. " I replied

Seconds later

I thought Mina was already asleep so I stared at her for a while. Then, I felt cold hands under my shirt on my abs, running up and down my abs.

"Staring is rude. And I am sorry, your abs are too tempting for me to touch it. Let me touch it for a while. Now sleep. Goodnight. " Mina whispered again

I just kissed her forehead, close my eyes and wonder off to dreamland.

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