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"I hope you enjoyed the date..." Louis says, softly, whilst carefully driving along the wet roads.

"I loved it, Lou!" Harry says, quietly. He then starts humming along to the music on the radio, that is playing softly in the background.

"I'm glad. I love you, Hazza bear!"

"And I love you, Lou boo bear."

"So, where are we going?" Louis asks, unsure what's happening.

"My house. Let's go to mine. You'll be able to see Winter!" Harry says, and Louis' smile grows wider.

"Yes!" Louis says, feeling excited.

Harry shyly looks over to him, and smiles. "You're so beautiful, Lou."

Louis blushes, and looks down a bit. "You are, baby. The most beautiful baby I've ever seen."

Harry giggles, "oh stop it, Lou."

Louis laughs, and puts his hand on Harry's thigh.

Not long later they pull up at Harry's house, they both get out of the car, careful not to slam the doors when they were shutting them.

They sneak Into the house, and up the stairs. Once they both get into Harry's room, where Winter is sleeping, Harry turns the baby monitor off, so they don't wake up Anne. She's not to keen on Louis at the moment...

Louis gasps when he sees Winter, "hey, darling girl..."

Winter kicks around in her crib, and makes a little noise. "Can I pick her up, Haz?"

"of course you can, Lou! She's your baby too," Harry says, while folding up some of the babies clothing items.

Louis smiles, and gently picks up Winter... The second hold.

He coos at her, as she makes little noises. "Hi, baby!" he whispers.

Harry smiles fondly at the two of them, "you guys are the cutest."

Louis whips his head around, almost angrily, "have you seen yourself!?" he says, mock angrily.

Harry giggles, "oh shush you."

"put them down, and come over here!" Louis tells Harry, causing Harry to roll his eyes, but put down the clothing, and walk over to his little family.

"I love you, Harry..." Louis says, once Harry is tucked into his side, watching the baby.

"I love you too, Lou, " Harry replies, starting to feel guilty again.

Louis smiles wide, and looks at winter, "I love you, Winty."

After a while of cuddling Winter they put her back to sleep, and get into bed themselves.

Louis hugs his boy tightly, not letting go at any point tonight the night.
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