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"I've got the perfect plan!" Louis exclaims, excitedly. Harrys giving him a chance.

"When are you taking me?" Harry asks.

"Now!" Louis says, happily.

"Now?" asks, confused on why he would take him on a date so early in the morning.

"Yes!" Louis smiles.

"Nothing is going to be open, Lou..."

"Where I'm taking you is... Have UK's seen the television show, 'This Is Us'?"

Harry shakes his head, "can't say I have... Why?"

"I want to take you in Jack and Rebeccas first date...With a twist. I've been binge watching this show for two weeks. I love it! I'm sure you would too... Jack and Rebecca are the most amazing couple. Apart from us of course. They had their issues. But they got back together. I thought their first date was really cute. I felt a little bad for Jack. But it was still cute." Louis rambles.

Harry's eyes are wide, "you really like that show..."

"Mmhm. Liam thinks I'm obsessed. I am." Louis laughs, and Harry joins in.

The Omega can't help but think how easy this is. Him and Lou. He loves him so much...

"Alright! Here we are!" Harry pulls his eyes away from Louis, and looks at what's in front of them. A carnival.

He turns to Louis, "let's go, Haz!"

They both get out of the car, and Louis comes up next to Harry, linking their hands.

They walk into the carnival, and Louis straight away buys an umbrella.  He puts it over both of them, as they walk to a food stall.

"Hey, what would you like?" A big guy, with a grey moustache, and no hair, asks.

"What would you like, love?" Louis asks his Omega.

"Hmm. Can I have a hot dog?" Louis nods, and smiles.

"Can we get two hotdogs, two hot chocolates, and two candy apples?"

"Of course!" The man wraps all the food up for them, and puts the hot chocolate in a take away mug. Louis pays, and they walk to a game stall.

"We'll eat soon, my love. First I want to win you this huge teddy bear!" Harry's eyes widen, and a massive smile graces his face.

Louis pays the man at this stall, and throws the ball at the lined up bowling pins. After around eight turns, and forcing Harry to be his cheerleader he finally gets it.

Harry squeals, and hugs the teddy bear. Louis smiled fondly. He holds the umbrella over Harry, and the bear. There was not enough space for him anymore. He didn't mind.

He takes them to the Ferris wheel. They jump into the inclosed carriages. "I hope you've enjoyed it so far... I wanted to make it special, so we couldn't do it exactly the same as Jack and Rebecca... Their date doesnt go very well. So here is the twist. I've bought us to the Ferris wheel. You know why?" Harry shakes his head, and smiles. He really is enjoying his date.

"You don't?! It's to do with your favourite movie..."

Harry gasps, "Love, Simon?!"

"Yes!" Louis gets out their food, and hot chocolates. They start eating, and drinking. And it's all gone before they make it to the top.

"Hey, Lou..."

"Yeah, baby?"

"Since we are now doing this date 'Love, Simon' style, I think we should do exactly what they did."

And with that said, Harry surges forward, and kisses Louis' lips softly.
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