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Harry still stands on the edge of the footpath, arms wrapped around himself.

He thinks about Winter... he hopes she isn't giving his mum to much trouble...

He wishes everything would go back to normal. He had the perfect family. Winter, Anne, Gemma. Louis. Of course Louis' mum, step dad, and sister.

He feels as though he should be angry at Louis... He ruined all this for him. But he just can't. Yes this whole loved up family is his dream. But Louis is where the dream started.

He just wishes he could trust him again.

A few minutes of being lost in his thoughts, Harry sees the headlights of a car shining.


Louis pulls up to where Harry is standing, and gets out of the car, with a warm jumper in his hand.

"Lou!" Harry says, lips blue.

"Oh jeez, Baby. You're freezing!" Louis says, and helps Harry put the jumper on, "what are you even doing in this part of the town?" Louis asks, crouching so he was eye level with Harry.

"I-I" Harry blushes, making his cheeks become a darker red.

Louis took a closer look at Harry, and realised his curls were messy, lips swollen, and clothes messed up.

"H-Haz... you didn't."

"I d-did," Harry frowns, and looks down.

"Oh. Well come, and hop in the car. The heater is on," Louis says, voice cracking at the realisation somebody had just touched his baby. In a way that only he had ever done before.

They both get into the car, and sit in an awkward silence until Louis takes off.

"So... Are you okay?" Louis asks. Not about any thing specific. Just in general.

Harry just shrugs, while looking out for window.

"Harry please..." Louis begs. But not really knowing what for.

"please what, Louis?" Harry asks, monotonously.

"Please forgive me. Love me again."

"That's were you've got it wrong, Louis. I do love you. You, Winter, mum and Gemma I love the most in the world."

Louis nods, "it was the biggest mistake of my life. If I could take it back, I would. I have this pain in my chest everytime I think about it. I hate myself for it. But it's happened, I can't do anything about it. Except prove go you everyday that you can trust me again..."

Harry looks at Louis, trying to find any trace of lying. None. "And how are you going to do that, Louis?"

"By starting again, and doing it right this time. Harry, will you go on a first date with me?"

Harry smiles, amused with the situation. "I would love to, Lou... "
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