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Cris rolls off Harry, both panting, coming down from there highs.

"That was... Great," Cris whispers.

Harry hums, "yeah. It's was so good. " his eyes are closed, almost as though he is drifting off to sleep.

"You should probably go now," Cris states, "I would walk you out, but I'm way to tired," Cris laughs.

Harry, who is slightly taken back,  carefully gets out of bed on his shaky legs.

"That's okay... Thank you for tonight." Harry is regretting it. Even though he said he wouldn't. All he wanted at this moment was Louis.

As Harry starts to put on his boxers his realised his made a huge mistake. He shouldnt have done it. He just wants to be in bed cuddling Louis... He wanted Louis to be his one, and only. But that isn't how it is anymore. He has Cris too.

He feels tears spring to his eyes, as he finally puts on his T-shirt. He grabs his phone, which had been switched off, and makes his way outside.

He stands in the freezing cold, with oh jeans, and a T-shirt on. He shivers, and and clicks the power button to turn his phone on. 

It finally turns on, being an iPhone it's slow. He types in his password 'Louis',  and sees he has 27 missed calls. What?

He decides to call Niall first. He was going to call Niall anyway... He needs to be picked up, and honestly he doesn't know where he hears.

He clicks Niall's contact, and then the call button. It rings nine time, before Niall's voice mail comes up. It is only then that Harry checks the time, 3:30 in the morning.

He sighs in frustration, nobody is gonna be awake. He tries Zayn. Also asleep. He can't call his mother, or Gemma. He'd get into trouble...

He could only think of one person... But he couldn't call him. It would be awkward, and upsetting. Suddenly a big gust of wind blows, Harry's teeth start chattering. He has a debate with himself whether he should call Louis or not. 

Little did he know, Louis was awake. Staring at his phone. Waiting for Harry's call.

Harry quickly taps call on Louis'  contact, before he can back out.

The phone answer in one ring, "Harry?! Are you okay, baby?!"

"I'm okay, Lou," be whispers.

"where are you?!" Louis asks frantically.

"I don't really know..."

"I'll look at our Phone tracker thingy,  okay?" Louis asks, he just wants his baby in his arms. Well both his babies.

"yep," Harry sniffles. Not only from the cold, but because he is talking to Louis for the first time since the break up.

"Okay... I know where you are. I'll be there soon. "
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