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The car stops, and Harry gets out of the car. Cris quickly gets next to him, and presses him against the car.

He starts sucking on Harry's neck lightly, and Harry lets out a little moan. But Cris abruptly stops.

Harry's closed eyes snap open, "is there something wrong?" he pouts.

Cris takes a step back, "You, uh." He points to Harry's neck.

"Huh?" Harry asks, confused on what's going on.

"Mating mark. You are mated?" Cris says, lowly.

"Yes. Well no. I don't know. We aren't together anymore..." Harry says, feeling slightly guilty.

"Oh, okay then...Are you sure? I-I don't wanna be a home wrecker or anything," Cris tells him, cautiously.

"Somebody else has already done that," Harry glares at the ground, trying to fight back tears.

Cris rubs Harry's arm, "Hey, hey. We don't have to do this, love... I'll take you home?"

"N-no! I wanna do this... please," Harry begs, and pulls Cris closer by his shirt.

"Okay..." Cris gently kisses Harry. "M'gonna make this feel good, yeah?" He mumbles against Harrys lips.

Harry hums, "lets go inside..."

Cris nods, and grabs Harry's hand. He drags him into the unlocked house, and takes him to the bedroom.

Their heavy breathing fills the room. "You sure you want to do this?... " Cris asks, worried that Harry is just saying he wants to do it when he doesn't

"yeah. So sure!" Harry replies, voice weak.

"okay," Cris says, and pushes Harry back on to the bed, and hovers over him. He kisses him sensually.

After a lot of grinding and moaning, Cris starts to prep Harry.

The feel of it is a bit foreign to Harry. He hasn't had sex since he got pregnant... that's probably why Louis cheated on him...

Harry gets pulled out of his thoughts when Cris' finger hits roughly against his prostate. He shivers, and grunts.

"You're so pretty..." Cris says, and kisses the shell of Harry's ear.

Once he has finished prepping Harry, slick all over his fingers, he pulls them out.

"Are you sure you want to do this?... I'm scared you'll regret it."

"I'm sure. No regrets."

Cris reaches over to his bed side table, and gets a condom out.

He puts it on, carefully. Then slowly pushes into Harry. The Omega whines, and starts scratching Cris' back.

"Are you okay?" He asks, cautiously.

"Y-yeah, all good..." Harry moans, "keep going!"
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