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"Can you make sure he eats something. He hasn't eaten in days," Anne whispers to Niall.

"Yeah, of cour-" Niall starts but gets cut off bye Harry.

"You know I can hear you, right?" Harry says, rolling his eyes. "And, by the way. I have been eating."

Anne murmurs to Niall, "he hasn't."

Niall looks over to Zayn with a concerned look. "We will look after him."

Anne smiles, "Thank you, and I'll look after this one!" Anne says, gently rocking Winter.

Zayn, Niall, and Harry all say goodbye to Anne, and Winter then make their way out the door.

"Where are we going?" Harry asks, bored as they all pile into the car.

"A club," Zayn says, casually.

"We aren't old enough, silly," Harry reminds him.

"That's why we have these," Niall says, holding the steering wheel in one hand, and opening the glove bid on the other.

"Niall... how are you even driving?!" Harry asks, slightly panicked.

Niall pulls out a few cards, and passes them to Harry. "Fake ID, babyyy!" Niall yells.

Harry groans at the stupidity of his friends, "number one, you know that's not gonna help if you get caught by a police driving, you need a license. Number two, I'm not going to a club," Harry explains.

"Yes you are, Hazza boy!" Zayn tells him.


"We are here!" Niall parks around the corner of the club, and gets out, grabbing the fake ID's.

The other boys get out as well, following Niall.

They all walk up to the bouncer together, and show their fake ID's. Harry was extremely nervous, but managed to get in.

The loud music makes Harry wince, as they make their way to the bar. "Ni..." Harry yells out.

"Yeah?!" Niall calls out over the music.

"I wanna go home!" Harry whines.

"No! Go dance..." Harry rolls his eyes, and drags Zayn to the dance floor. Not long later Niall is joining them with alcohol. A beer for him, and Zayn. And a fruity drink for Harry.

After two drinks Harry is tipsy, and messily grinding against some random.

"Name?" The muscly guy, with a deep voice, and black hair asks.

"Harry! What's yours?"


Harry continues to grind on him, and follows him when he feels a tug on his hand.

"Where are we going?!" The Omega yells over the music.

"My house, sweetie!" He yells back, and brings Harry closer to him.

Harry smiles, and leans into his warmth.
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