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"Harry... I need to tell you something." Louis says, once they have put Winter down to sleep, and are making out on the bed.

"Nooo! It's makey outy time," Harry pouts, pulling Louis back down to him by the neck.

Louis pulls away, looking at Harry seriously, "Haz, please."

Harry groans, "fine. What is it?" He asked, slightly annoyed Louis had to bring whatever he was going to tell him up now.

"Can we sit up? It's really important," Louis says, starting to feel anxiety kicking in. He was about to ruin his family. He knows it.

Harry huffs, and rolls his eyes, sitting up on the bed, next to Louis. "Now tell me! So we can go back to where we left off..."

"You won't want to after this..." Louis sniffles.

"Why...?" Harry chuckles, confused.

"Harry, I chea-" Louis starts, before the baby monitor picks up the sound of Winter crying.

"I better go check her!" Harry rushes to the spare room in Louis' house, they had set up Winter in there, while Louis' family was on vacation.

When he gets there, she is in her cot crying. He gently picks her up, and rocks her. She still doesn't calm down. He decides to sing her a song.

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy, When skies are grey. You'll never know dear, how much I love you, so please don't take my sunshine away." He finishes the chorus, to fine Winter fast asleep in his arms. He gently places her back down, and makes his way to Louis' room.

Louis was sitting in the bed crying. Harry gasps, and rushes to him, "what's wrong, Lou?!"

"You're the best singer, you're the best cook, the best boyfriend, the best mate, the best dad... you're absolutely incredible. You're my god damned superhero, Harry. You honestly don't understand how much I love you!" Louis cries.

Harry smiles, though his eyes brows are knitted together in confusion. "I love you too, Lou. So, so much." He kisses Louis' lips, whole cupping his face.

Louis loos up, watery eyes, wet cheeks, and his bottom lip wobbling. "But you won't..."

"I-I don't understand, Lou. What do you mean? I would love you no matter what!" Harry explains, running his hands through Louis' soft feathery hair.

Louis shakes his head, "I cheated on you, Harry!" He snaps, letting out a sob.

Harry's hands drop from Louis' face, and his own goes pale.
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