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"She's beautiful... just like you," Louis comments. Holding his baby girl, as he lays in the hospital bed next to his mate.

Harry smiles at him, "she has your eyes!" He giggles.

Louis gently puts a kiss on her forehead, "thought of any names, Harry?" Louis asks.

Harry frowns slightly, not understanding why Louis called him Harry instead of a cute nick name. Harry pretends not to be hurt as he says, "I was thinking Winter, April, or Sophie..."

Louis' eyes light up, "I love Winter!" Harry smiles.

"You pick the middle name, Lou."

"Hmm. How about, Winter Abigail Tomlinson?" He asks, softly. Guilt rising again, he closes his eyes stopping tears. He fucked up so much.

"I love it!" Harry says, and kisses Louis' lips.

Where Jospeh's has just been.

Harry lays his head on Louis' shoulder, as Louis holds Winter.

The door opens, and Anne walks in. "Sorry. Am I interrupting something?" She asks, quietly. Winter lets out a cute baby sound.

"We were just picking her name, mum." Harry tells Anne.

"Ooh! What did you choose?" She asks, excited.

"Winter Abigail Tomlinson."

She shoots Louis a look, after he said Winters name.

"Could I talk to you outside, Louis?" She asks, sternly.

Harry gives her a confused look, which she ignores.

"Uh. Yeah sure!" Louis passes Winter to Harry carefully, and gets out of the bed to walk out with Anne.

Once they are out of the room, Louis says, "what's up, Annie?"

"Don't you Annie me! Where were you? With some guy. I heard him. You sounded out of breath. Not to mention your messed up hair, and flushed face. What have you done, Louis?!"

Louis' face drops, and tears well up in his eyes. He's been caught! He reaches up to grip on his heart. Trying to stop the tears. "It was an accident!"

"You just accidentally had sex with another man?! Do you have no morals?!" Anne whispers harshly.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean it! I never meant it to happen..." Louis tries to explain.

Anne lets out a dark chuckle, "I don't want to hear your pathetic excuses. You're nothing but a selfish arse hole!" She says, angrily.

Louis is now crying, "Anne, I'm begging you, please don't tell him!" Louis sobs.

"Oh my god! You think I would keep this from my son?! You will tell him, or I will! I'm not keeping this from my son. You fucked yo Louis, it's your problem!" Anne huffs angrily, and starts to walk towards the door to Harry's hospital room.

"Ann-" Louis starts. Anne turns around, and cuts him off.

"And to think Harry was about ready to leave the hospital whilst in labor to make sure you're okay while he was in labor, and was going to refuse to have Winter until you got there so he wouldn't upset you, is just fucking heart breaking!"
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