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Story: Stylinson_Larryxx
Cover: Stylinson_Larryxx
Trailer: hazxlouforever112

               Sexual content


Harry pants, and squeezes his mums hand, "call him again, please!" He whines.

"Hazza, I've called twenty three times! We need to focus on you!"

Harry lets out a pained sound, "What if he is hurt?! His crashed the car or something! Something is wrong, I know it!" Harry tries to get out of the hospital bed, to go find Louis, but stops when a sharp pain curses through his lower stomach.

"Deep breathes, bub. Nurses will be here soon." Anne comforts, whilst she rubs her hand over Harry's back.

Harry lets out a sob, "I can't do this!"

"Yes you can, darling! You can do it." Anne encourages.

"I can't do it without, Lou. It would make him so sad, he would never do anything to make me sad!" Harry cries. "Ouch!" He whimpers.

"I know, darling. But if the baby has to come out before he is here, I'm gonna be here okay?" Anne says, feeling sorry for her baby boy.

Harry nods, eyebrows screwed in pain.

"You must be Harry Styles!" A lady, with grey hair comes in. Harry looks at her confused.

"Where's doctor Howlett?" He asks, wondering where the red haired doctor who has been with him every step of the way was.

"Take a deep breath for me, love..." Harry does as he is told, "relaxed?" Harry nods. "Your doctor has just been rushed into surgery... I'm not sure of the reason. But I'm going to be delivering your baby."

"No! I need Howlett!" Harry cries in pain.

"Look, love. I've been doing this for forty years. I'm going to make sure this baby gets out safe, and sound with as less struggle as possible, okay?" She explains, trying to soothe Harry's panicked state.

"Okay." Harry whines.

Suddenly Anne's phone starts ringing, she answers it, and puts it on speaker when realising who it is.

"Louis!" Anne yells, "we have been trying to call you for ages! Harry is in labor!"

Anne hears Louis gasp, but frowns deeply when she hears a boy in the background saying 'who's Harry?'

Louis quietly shushes the boy, not wanting to get caught. Feeling more guilty then he had ever felt in his entire life.

"I'll be there soon!" He says, out of breath. Anne notices.

Luckily Harry was too busy dealing with his contraction to notice.

"He is on his way honey, he'll be here soon!" She tells her son, fake excited, as she is worried about where Louis has been.

"Thank god!" Harry groans, and lays back down onto the bed. Taking instructions from the doctor.

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