Present day!

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Irene POV
Irene wakes up from here sleep, thinking to herself that she had the same dream again. She decided she wanted to go out since she has a week off. She called her best friend Solar (Mamamoo) if she wanted to eat out for brunch.

In the restaurant, she saw Solar who was already seated. And waved hi when seeing her.

"Long time no see, Irene! We can finally catch up with each other since the last time I saw you was when we both had a photoshoot in the States" says Solar.

While they were chitchatting with each other,  Irene felt a breeze with a scent of roses walked by her as she seated in front of the table from were Irene and Solar were sitting at. Her back was facing them. Irene then decided to use the restroom to freshen up. As she walks by the table of the rose scented girl she was shocked to see her face. Her eyes widened as she went inside the restroom. She called Solar to come over to the restroom to talk to her.

"What's wrong" Solar asked.
"The girl that smelled like roses.... I know her!!!" Irene responded.
"Then go say hi?" Solar suggested.
"I can't... she hates me! I haven't seen her in years" Irene says it with a worried tone.
"She probably forgot about the fight since it has been years"
"You think so?"
"Just say hi and ask how she's been."
"It wouldn't hurt if you say hi" solar added.

Irene then walks out the restroom seeing the Seulgi accompanied by a girl with blonde hair that was facing her. She went up to her table and said hi.

"Hi Seulgi! Long time no see" Irene asked.
"I'm sorry, but who are you?" Seulgi answered.
"We have been friends since kindergarten?" said Irene.
"We were? I'm sorry if I don't remember. I was recently involved in a car accident and I have amnesia..."

Hearing what Seulgi said made Irene's heart shattered into pieces.
"Oh I see, well please call me when you have a free time" said Irene as she gave Seulgi her card and walks away with Solar tagging along.

"Amnesia...?" says the blonde girl.
"Remember that one girl I told about, from my past. The girl that left me after I confessed to her" says Seulgi as she pokes her food with her steak.
"Ahh sooo that's the famous Irene... the girl that broke little Seulgi's heart" say the blonde girl in a jokingly way.
"Aish... Moonbyul-ah you better watch that mouth of yours" says Seulgi who's starting to become annoyed and points her knife to moonbyul.
"Let's not be distracted, remember why we're here" say Seulgi as she observes the restaurant and the people around her.
"I know" Moonbyul said as she regained her focus.

When Irene and Solar left the restaurant they went for a walk to the park. Irene was silent and her facial expression was blank. Solar was observing Irene then breaks the silence.

"Who was that girl, the one you were talking to?" she asked.
"But forget about her, who was the sexy girl sitting on front of her" she added.
"The girl I was talking to was the girl that I have been telling you about, the one in my dreams, the girl from my past" said Irene as she was looking down.
"But the girl in front of her. Her I don't know." she added.

After a long walk the two went back to the restaurant where their car was park in front of. Solar left first because her younger sister named Wheein called her because she needs to be picked up from the airport.

Irene was then left alone. She can still see Seulgi sitting inside the restaurant from out the window. Moonbyul spotted Irene looking and tells Seulgi. "She can stare all she wants, i'm not going to call her" says Seulgi. Moonbyul noticed two men who looked like gangsters standing outside behind Irene and then notifies Seulgi. One of the men was cat calling Irene and one of them grabbed her ass telling her to come with them. Irene slapped the the guy that grabbed her and made him mad and he ended up slapping Irene on her face and pointed a gun to her. And within a blink of an eye Seulgi was standing behind the guy with the other one laying on the ground not being able to move. Seulgi suggested the gangster to put the gun down but pointed it at her instead. Before the guy could've pulled the trigger, Seulgi had already kicked the gun out from his hand and before he knew it he was down to his knees.

Moonbyul called the police to arrest the two men, while Seulgi went to Irene who hurt.

"You okay?" Seulgi asked while lending out her hand to help Irene stand up.
"Dammnn!!! You really took one for the team" says moonbyul as she noticed that Seulgi was staring at Irene with a concern look at her face.
Seulgi let out a fake cough and elbowed moonbyul to her stomach. She then suggested to give aid to Irene who was clearly traumatized after a gun was pointed at her. The three parted ways that leaves Irene and Seulgi together. The two went to a small pharmacy to buy a first aid kit to aid Irene's face.

In Irene's Car~ Listening to Its You by Henry while reading this Seulrene moment. Lol

"Luckily the scratch won't leave a scar" Seulgi said as she was putting medicine to Irene's face. She then went closer to Irene's face and started to blow on the scratch after seeing Irene making a fist to the point where her knuckles were white because of the pain and that made Irene blush. By the time she looked away Seulgi had already noticed. She backed away and suggested to drive her home.
"Hey, i'll drive you home and i'll just ask my friend to pick me up since she left with my car" says Seulgi with her eye smile.
Irene nodded and walked to the passengers seat while Seulgi holding the door open. It was completely silent in the car, Seulgi looked beside her and noticed Irene had fallen asleep. When they arrived at Irene's home, Seulgi tried to wake the sleeping beauty up but was deeply asleep. She carried to her room and laid her on the bed. Seulgi can't believe that the person in front of her that is sleeping was the same person that broke her heart. She left a note saying to take care of herself and to not get into any trouble. As Seulgi was walking out the gates of the big mansion, she saw moonbyul waiting for her in a car.

"I can tell you haven't lost your feelings for that Irene girl" says moonbyul.
"I hate to admit but yes I still have feelings for her" says Seulgi with a hurt tone in her voice.
On the way home, Seulgi thought to herself.

Damn you Irene! After all these years it's always been you. I can never stop loving you. Ever since you left and up till this day I fucking miss you!!!!


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