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At the party
I was so drunk and began to grind on Gelo which obviously made him hard, I could feel him growing by the second so decided to tease him. I pushed my ass against his crotch and rubbed against him making him let out a low moan so only I was able to hear.
He looked at me with annoyance in his eyes and walked away leaving me confused and kinda pissed. I decided to ignore it and carry on dancing when I felt two arms around my waste and turned to see Terrell standing grinding against me "Terrell what the fuck are you doing? Get off me!" I tried to shout over the music but it was no use he just carried on which started to scare me. 
"TERRELL GET THE FUCK OFF ME! I screamed beginning to get freaked out. All of a sudden Terrell was pushed hard away from me making him stumble back and lose his balance.
I turn and see a Gelo who now looks like wants to kills Terrell, Terrell stands up and shoves Gelo causing Gelo to start throwing punches "Touch my girl again and I'll kill you on God" He shouted ,It took 4 strong ass boys to get Gelo off Terrell, I immediately grabbed Gelo and drag him up the stairs to a toilet. I wanted to make sure his hand was okay, I began by making him sit on the sink counter and wet a cloth so I could clean the blood off his hands and knuckles. I clean it with antiseptic spray and began to wrap his hands, he looked me in the eyes while I was wrapping his hands and began to spoke " I don't want anybody touching you baby, you're mine which means nobody else can have you." I looked down trying not to make it awkward before saying "Gelo I'm single don't forget that you haven't even asked me to be yours and you definitely don't need to be beating the shit out of people because of me."
He looked beyond mad " Wow" he said with no expression on his face and with that he jumped of the sink counter and walked out slamming the door behind him. I went downstairs and called and Uber after telling Jass, Amy and Liv that I was going home.
I got ready for bed and sat trying to process what had happened and what I said or did that pissed Gelo off so much. He claims I'm his but we haven't even been on a date or spent time alone without getting freaky, I wanted more than just the sexual stuff. I wanted somebody to love me for me and not my body.
Sorry it's short
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