16: She

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Jungkook cracks his eyes open, his head feeling a bit sore. The only thing is, he can't open his eyes. He furrows his eyebrows as he tries to hear for anything. Then something collides with a nearby wall.


He hears a familiar voice yell, female voice. Then footsteps approach.

"Can't believe this mess. Go to sleep, boy."

His senses fade as he sinks into unconsciousness again.


He awakes once again, this time he feels the ground shaking beneath him. Probably in a car, not on the smoothest road obviously as his head nearly collided with one of the car walls.

Using his hearing, he can pick up a song playing softly, most likely from the car's audio system. The song was Lullaby by Got7.
(Hell yea I brought Got7 into this)

He hears a female voice sing along, though every now and then, she curses as the car went over a particularly rough spot on the road.

"Why did Minjun have to make me drive on the most impossible road ever?!"

He hears her say as the car jolts once again.


Then the car jolts, making Jungkook's head hit the wall quite hard.

Fading into unconsciousness again....
damn it


Jungkook finally wakes up for the last time in a very dark, ominous room. His eyes aren't covered this time, but he still can't see anything.

He grunts and tries to speak,
"How did I get here?"

He shocks himself when he curls into a ball and feels a heavy something shift on top of him.

He speaks again,
"Hey, what is this thing?!"

His voice is still raspy as ever, But hey, at least it's still there. Then he hears what he assumes to be a door, whether it be nearby or far always he couldn't tell, slam into a wall loudly. Loud enough to scare the hell out of him for sure.

Then came rapid footsteps, pounding on the floor, getting closer and closer. He hears a door slam open, and light blinds him from in front. Then he saw a figure walk in, a rather short figure.

'Picture person? Maybe the short figure in the pictures from y/n's notes?'

He though as the figure took small yet confident steps towards him.

Finally the figure steps close enough for Jungkook to see who it is.

He did not like the answer to the question he just thought of. Not at all.

Hey! Guess who's back? Me. Obviously. Anyways this chapter is kinda short compared to the others, but I'll have the next part up as soon as I can! Promise~

 Anyways this chapter is kinda short compared to the others, but I'll have the next part up as soon as I can! Promise~

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