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I was getting ready for the game and decided to make an effort with my outfit. ^^
Once I was ready I went to Jass's house and we went to in and out to get food because we were starving.( me every second of the day tbh)
Once we finished eating we made our way to the school gym and made our way over to Amy and Liv, as we were waiting I saw Nicole go over to a door that said players only on it. I shook it and waited for the players to come out, I checked my phone and saw that Gelo had told me to come into the locker room before the game so I could wish him 'luck'.
I walked to the door where I saw Nicole walk through and opened the door to see her and Terrell practically having dry sex, I looked at Terrell shocked and closed the door after saying "Oops my bad, carry on".
When I found the locker room I walked in and noticed Gelo was the only person in there which surprised me slightly.
I walked behind his back and placed my hands over his eyes " Guess who asshole" I said while resting my head on his back.
He slowly turned around and gave me a hug, he didn't seem himself and I could tell something was on his mind.
"Gelo what's wrong? You seem stressed" I said stroking his arm that was now holding me to his chest, he looked at me then looked down. "I just feel like I have so much pressure because of my older brother Lonzo, he plays for the NBA and I have to prove to my father and everyone else that I want and can play just as well as he can" I cupped his cheeks making sure he looked me in the eyes. " Gelo you're going to kill it, I know you can do this. Your family want the best for you so go out there and show them how much you want this." He nodded his head and began to lean in, this kiss was different it was passionate and I felt safe in his arms.
His father banged on the locker room door and told him to get in the gym with the rest of the team.
I smiled "Go get em tiger" he smirked as he walked away and I was left with the smell of sweat and dirty towels.
I made my way back to the gym after a few minutes of just thinking and decided to tell Jass about me and Gelo and what we did because I needed to speak to somebody about it.

There was 15 seconds on the clock and we are drawn 112-112, a boy passed the ball to Gelo who dribbled and dunked just in time before the timer ended. The whole gym went mad and ran onto the court to congratulate the team, me and the girls heard about a party that was happening after the game to celebrate so decided to go.
I caught Gelos eye and he motioned for me to come to him, I stood up and told the girls I would be back in a few minutes, without any hesitation Gelo pulled me into a hug lifting me off the ground ever so slightly. I squealed and he put me down moving a strand of hair away from my face before kissing me lightly on the lips in front of half the school.
I could feel my cheeks begin to heat up and felt embarrassed because now everyone knew what was going on and our business which kinda worried me ever so slightly.

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