To Catch a Cat

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Alphys had all she needed.

A bowl of milk.

A can of cat food. Not the cheap stuff, either, but real cat food, with flakes of tuna.

A laptop with a portable charger, so while Alphys waited, she could pretend she was grading papers, when really, she was just watching anime.

And a rather attractive cop on patrol for the night who would pass through her neighborhood a few times, keeping ne'er-do-wells away from her. That being said, this cop didn't know she existed, as far as Alphys knew. Officer Undyne wasn't native to this town like she was, and the times Alphys had seen her, she hadn't said a word. She had been tempted to intentionally get a ticket just to talk to her, but didn't want to mar her driving record for the sake of a woman. That would just be ridiculous .

And besides. Even if she did , (not that she thought of it often ), what would she say to her? "Hi, don't ticket me because I think you're cute and would like to date you?" Officer Undyne would laugh in her face and give her a yellow slip.

Alphys already was a social nobody, and the whole town knew it. They knew it so much that Officer Undyne would never knew she existed.

But hey, at least Alphys could feel safe in a dark alley at night. Alone.

Waiting for a cat that might not exist.

You're pathetic , Alphys reminded herself. Absolutely pathetic. No one wants to be your friend, so you cling to the idea that Mew Mew exists.

She wasn't thinking about the anime character, Mew Mew, of course. She was thinking about her cat with dubious existence. She had read on an internet forum that, if you're poor (and, as a teacher, she was) and in need of a cat, feeding strays was a great way to do so.

The first night, she felt like an idiot, putting a saucer of milk out for a cat that may not exist, but the next morning, the milk was gone. Not in the way that would indicate evaporation, but completely licked clean, complete with tongue streaks. Of course, at first, she thought she imagined it, and the marks seemed a bit too large to belong to a cat, but she continued to put the saucer of milk out.

Eventually, it became cans of cat food, too. Cheap cans, initially, for she lived on a teacher's salary in a small town, but those disappeared, too. Alphys lived in an apartment building with many other people, so it was possible that people were messing with her (and she often thought it, too, with how people laughed when she was sitting in that alley, waiting for the cat that never came), but she clung to the mythical Mew Mew.

And tonight, she'd finally have proof.

The first few hours were easy. She rewatched some of Mew Mew Kissy Cutie 2, then decided to catch up on some fan forums before becoming current on anime she cared less about. She worked on some gratuitous fanfiction of herself and the Unacceptably Attractive Police Chief, then closed the document quickly, looking around to make sure she didn't miss anything going on in her surroundings.

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