Chapter 1 | Slammed

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'You want me to be yours
but then you gotta be mine
and if you want a good girl then goodbye'


"That is it for today, good job for the people that passed the test," my teacher sighs. "Next time let's try to bring the class average from a 45%, yeah?"

As people started leaving the class to meet up with their friends, I headed to the apartment I'm supposed to be looking at. Once I reached, I knew I had to accept the offer since it was the cheapest I've looked at. Every other trash cheap complex has already been taken by other students with tons of student loans.

Let's keep the boring stuff to the adults, I signed the papers since I already put my money on it beforehand. As I was heading back to the place I was staying at for the night, I stop at the public library as I usually do. I greet Mister Greene and sit in my normal place and start getting sucked into the book I was reading.

Few days after, they called to say that everything was ready to go and I just had to move my items in. So as I reach my new place, I get handed the keys and I take a look at the apartment.

My brunette self was standing in a beautifully furnished apartment. The ceilings were high, and there was a decent view of the city in the center of the living room. The wooden floor and the white crisp walls made the place look very homey. The fluffy grey carpet laid underneath the white couch with throw pillows on top. All in all, the theme of the living room was grey and white plus the wooden floor.

What I do notice is the two bedrooms it comes with and curiosity gets the best of me, and without realizing it, I started making my way to the room opposite of mine that branches off from the large corridor.

I see that my roommate's suitcase was set up near her very simple room, probably because she hasn't unpacked so I make my way right across her room. My room is very similar to hers except hers is a little bigger while I have a window.

I take the chance to take a long shower before continuing my debate research. I was born with naturally soft and silky brown hair which doesn't seem to be the case for the other 90% of society so I tend to keep mine healthy.

After I have done just that, I wear my comfortable Hogwarts hoodie with shorts and flop down on my bed, continuing my home work that is due the next day.

I'm pretty good at managing my time. Since I don't really have many friends, I spend most my time either reading or finishing up my homework.

After a couple more hours of studying, I was wrapping up my project when I heard the door jingle with heavy footsteps following.

Suddenly becoming anxious, I take a quick look in the mirror but decide it was useless since we're all girls and she was going to see me in worse shape.

So I open my door with a smile on my fades that soon fades into an 'o' shape when I see a guy looking as confused as I look.

We both continue processing what was happening before he grins and nods as a greeting. Not being that confident myself, I slam the door in his face.

It is safe to say that I stayed up looking through my emails for an indication that my roommate would be a he instead of a she but found none. Neither did I see them calling him a she so I guess it was fair.

After dressing more appropriately with skinny jeans and large t-shirt, I put in my contacts and tie my hair in a neatly tied bun, spray some perfume, grab my backpack and leave the room.

The first thing I see is his blonde hair sticking up in all directions, then focus on his ginormous arms and defined abs that look like an athlete's, but I quickly zone out of it to find him leaning on the counter top with his sweatpants on.

"Don't you look like a bundle of joy," he smirks widely.

"I'm Emily," I blurt our confidently.

"Emily sounds too formal," he makes a face.

Did he just say my name is too formal?

"Good thing we're not becoming informal with each other then," I smile innocently, still waiting for him to introduce himself.

"Well, okay then," he laughs. He smiles a lot.

"And you are?" I push.

"Oh that's funny," he pours himself the warm milk he was heating.

"What is?"

"Is there some kind of game we're playing here?" He looks confused.

"I'm genuinely asking for your name, unless you want me to call you Rachel which is the person I created that I thought was going to live with me," I shrug.

He looks taken aback for a moment before his eyes furrow with forming an interested impression.

"Noah Westwood," he states.

"Emily Arthur," I reemphasize.

"Hmm," he smiles.

"Pardon?" I say bluntly.

"I imagined my roommate's name to be Arthur," he says, referring to my Rachel comment from before.

"Small world," I say, not looking like I care. I've become great at keeping my face neutral and cold.

"Sure is," he, once again, smiles wide.

"I'm heading to class, I won't be back until ten at night. You don't have to wait up," I say, grabbing my keys and putting on my shoes.

"Ten at night?" He questions.

"I'll be in the library, then go to my first job, then to my second, then back to the library to finish up some home work so you can just go on with your life," I say, rushing because I'm already two minutes late.

"You didn't eat breakfast," he points out.

"I'll eat an apple later," I lie easily but he takes it. We bid our goodbyes and I go on my way.

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