Chapter 2❤❤

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I walk over to the door and open.

I see andre standing at my door way.

"What is it andre"I say rolling my eyes while holding the door so he couldn't try to slip in.

"Look bae im sorry I anit awnser my phone me and the boys got caught in traffic"He said lying through his damn teeth.

I wanted him to go the hell away so I went along with his bullshit lies.

"Sorry to hear how was the game tho"I said trying to sound interested

"It was good,mani you looking fine is that new lingerie"He said licking his crusty ass lips.

I quickly tried to end the conversation.

"Yeah I just got it and I decided to try it on I really cant talk long;I have to get up early for work tomorrow"I said trying to get his lying ass out my doorway.

"Ard secure that bag bae I'll talk to you tomorrow"He said trying to give me a kiss.

Before he could I pushed him away and slamed the door in his face.

"Lying ass nigga"I said to myself as I sprayed some of the body spray on that alana got me.

Soon again I heard another knock.

"Oh my fucking gosh"I said annoyed.

I opened the door to see the fine ass stud for the mall.

"Damn"She said biting her lip as she looked me up and down.

I took my lace robe of and pulled her in.

°Is this wrong° I thought to myself.

Flashbacks of him at the door lying started to appear in my head.

°Man fuck him°I thought to myself as I pulled her closer.

She started to kiss and suck all over my neck as we stumbled toward my bedroom.

She pushed me on the bed and took her shirt of.

She pulled my lingerie off and threw them accross the floor.She spread my legs wide open and started to eat the soul out of me as she furiously rubbed my clit.

I moaned in pleasure as I gripped the silk sheets on my bed.Shortly after she pulled down her basketball shorts and revealed a strap-on.

°Why the fuck did this bitch come prepared with a strap-on whatever°I thought to myself.

She put me in doggy style position and put it in.I was moaning like crazy cause she was hitting it all up in my guts.

She pulled out,flipped me on my back and started hitting it missionary style.She started hitting my g-spot and I couldn't control myslef.I moved threw her on the bed and started riding.She bent me down and started sucking on my neck.

10 minutes later

While she was fast asleep in my bed I grabbed her clothes put them in a bag and threw them on her.

"What u doing"She said waking up.

"Its time to go you cant stay here"I said motioning her to get the fuck out.

"What I do wrong"She said getting up and putting her shoes on.

"Nothing the sex was good and all but you cant stay here" I said leading her to the door.

I opened the door and she stepped out.

"When we gonna do this aga-"She was saying before I slammed the door in her face.

°Wtf did I just do°I said laying on the couch.

To be continued.......

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