Stoick Finds Out

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Hiccup POV:
I was walking up the stairs to my dads hut. "How was I supposed to tell him?" I think. I take a deep breath, and knock on the door. "Just be calm and explain" I think. I felt a hand on my shoulder, and I turned to see Astrid. "I thought you would need help," she says. I nod. I was so much more relieved. The door opened, to reveal my dad.
"SON! What brings you to Berk?!" He asks taking me into a super tight hug, breaking all my limbs in my body.
"Hi-hey-hi it's nice to see you to dad, now if I could just br-bre-breathe," I huff. He let's go and steps aside. "Come in! Hey Astrid!" He says.
"So, what brings you to Berk?" Dad asks. "Um well, something very new and exciting has happened on the edge, and we thought you should know," I began. I turn to Astrid who gives me a smile and thumbs up. "" I stutter. "Out with it boy!" Dad says. "Me and Astrid are dating." I say. He just stared. Then a big grin appeared. "FINALLY! MY BOY HAS BECAME A MAN AND MADE THE GIRL HIS LOVE!" Dad shouts. "Um thanks dad!" I say. "I'm so happy for you both!" Dad says cheerfully, and Astrid places her hands on my shoulders. "We should throw a party!" Dad says. "Uh- um no!" I say. "Why yes! You guys should celebrate this!" Dad says. "Oh my Thor!" I say and put my hands on my face. "I always knew you guys would be together!" Dad says. I stand up, and he gives me a hug again. He whispers, "you got the girl!" And I say "I did!"

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