:Chapter 10:

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"Your niece is something else." I commented. Isaac smiled just a bit at that as he took a sip of his hot chocolate and nodded. "Yeah Della is quite something." Isaac commented as I held my hot chocolate as well in my hands.

The warmth seeped into my hands as I smiled at him. We had gone out on yet another coffee date. And once more we were enjoying it and I had gotten a meal as well, so had Isaac as we sat in the sleepy coffee shop enjoying our Sunday.

I had gotten a barbeque chicken wrap, Isaac got a bagel pizza, and we also had some warm blonde brownies as well, fresh out the oven. Being here in noon sure did help all of that and I was thankful for that. Such good food was a good way to eat out.

"She's around your age." I commented. "About four years younger than me." Isaac said and I nodded at that and Isaac smiled at me. "She can be nice when she wants to be though, it depends on her mood, the only one she is really nice to is her twin Darcy." Isaac said.

I nodded at that. "Twins tend to be like that, or so I heard. One of my doctors treated a twin, one was sick and the other fine. The healthy one was very mean except to her twin." I said and Isaac nodded at that with a bit of a shrug.

"They're both healthy, but Della is the more dominant twin while Darcy is the more passive friendly twin." Isaac said and I nodded at that. "But they're my niece and nephew, so I really don care." Isaac said and I nodded at that with a bit of a smile on my face.

"Thanks for taking me out to this coffee shop." I said and Isaac simply smiled at that. "No problem, I do enjoy this shop and coming here alone isn't fun. And your very nice to be around." Isaac said with a smile gracing his lovely features once more.

A blush covered my face and Isaac smiled at that. Isaac was sweet and I did enjoy being here with him quite much. I brushed some hair from my face as I sipped my hot chocolate as Isaac smiled at me once more.

We continued to eat and drink together before we finished up our meal and then threw away the paper bags and cups. Soon we were back in his car and I looked over at him and offered a bit of a smile to him. And soon we were back on the road to my house.

Isaac bit his lip as he kept his hands on the wheel as he glanced at me every now and then with a soft expression on his face. Soon we were back in front of my house and Isaac stepped out and then we were in front of my door.

Isaac smiled at me as he stood in front of the house. "Lore." Isaac said as I unlocked the door and I turned to him. "I have a really important question for you." Isaac said and I tilted my head to the side on what important question that he could have.

Isaac sucked in some breath a small blush dusting his pale cheeks. A red forming in them and I simply smiled at him. "What?" I asked putting my keys away as I watched him and he smiled at me. "Ok here goes nothing." Isaac said gaining some courage.

"Lore, do you want to be my girlfriend?"

It was that one question that changed my life. In ways that I wouldn't understand until way later. But I was so dumbstruck that it didn't matter to me. Only one thing actually mattered to me in that moment and it was Isaac.

Isaac liked me. He looked a bit disappointed before I hugged him and nodded. "Yes." I murmured and a smile spread on his face. "Thanks." Isaac said before pulling away from the hug and I smiled at him. "I'll see you tomorrow." I told him and Isaac smiled at me, a wide grin on his face.

"Yeah I'll defiantly see you tomorrow." Isaac said and he gave me a hug and then a kiss on the cheek making me turn bright red as he left. And then gave a wave to me as he left in his car and I lightly touched my cheek with a smile.

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