The Start Part 1

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28th November 2018 All Rights Reserved


Max's POV...

I had known the school's valedictorian for some time when we were younger. How could we not at the school we were going to. That other girl, she was a right royal pain in the arse with how she was hounding him. She seemed to be everywhere. And loud. She was always loud as if she just had to have everyone's attention on her.

Which she was always hounding him. She was like a bitch sniffing out a dog to mate with. I meant that literally. She would always seem to turn up at the most inappropriate times. Or at least we thought she did.

Then we realised that she was actually there because her brother was here as well. Her brother was the same age as the valedictorian and was also in the same grade as Him. How he could possibly be the brother of that screeching twit who was a pest was beyond the lot of us. Not that they cared what I thought.

No one knew I existed. That's because I kept to myself. I was just there to get the education I needed. An education that would help me in the fight I have back at home that I know is going to be coming and knocking on my door one day. Possibly soon.

How little did I know that it was because I kept to myself that I was noticed by someone at the same school as I was attending who would become the most important person in my life. After I beat the s*** out of him.

All I wanted to do was live out on the station that I grew up on with my family. That was where I was the happiest. I can feel such peace being there. Not just at the homestead, but out on the land. There was something that just drew me to it. I guess it was in my blood.

My family these days, was just me and my father with his mother. My mother walked out on us not long after I was born leaving my father to raise me on my own with the help of his aging mother. I only know her name and that she came from some social family on the coast. We never heard from her again.

So, there is just us out here for the most time. Except for the hands we employed to help out.

I was quite happy being out there. Or I was until my grandmother decided to talk Dad into sending me to Boarding school here in Sydney.

" She needs to learn how to be a lady and with just us here, it is not going to work." Gran said to him over and over again. And, in the end after much arguments, mostly from me, I was sent here.

But my heart was still out west in Central Queensland beyond the major cities and towns where we have to travel once every couple of months to restock. We are way out beyond those areas where in this area, your neighbour that lives next door could be more than an hour away.

Or ten minutes if you fly.

Out here, we have to rely on ourselves for everything. It could mean your life.

It was going to mean our lives when the mining company decided to come along.

Apart from the coal, they found gas out west and up north. Dad said it was going to be hell for everyone if they came down this way. He heard from the flying doctor that some of the families who have lived on the land their whole lives are now lost because the big mining companies decided to take them over with the government's help.

With that in mind, I decided to learn all I could about our land and what is in it as well as what is below it.

No one is going to take our home from us. I just have to find a way long before they turn their attention this way. Towards my home, Hillsborough Downs.

My name is Indee Maxwell and this is my story.

* * * *

Authors Note:

This might only be a short story.

Let me know what you think of it so far.


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