Pastel And Punk- The Pack Ships Part 3

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Requested by GIvveMeeeFANART

Outfits are above, these are the same ships and stuff as the previous Pastel and Punk stories, as the request was just a continuation of those.

P.S. There is some bad language in this.

Lachlan's P.O.V.

I pulled my sweater tighter around my shoulder, glaring up at the sky. Even though it was the middle of summer it was raining lightly, the type of rain where it isn't heavy but the droplets cling to clothing and you get absolutely soaked in a matter of minutes. I was really regretting walking to school.

I was about to give up and go back home to get my umbrella, as I was only a few minutes into my 20 minute walk, when a sleek black car pulled up beside me. The window rolled down and I grinned.

"Need a ride?" Jerome called from the front seat, over Mitch's shoulder. Mitch was wearing a beautiful pink, white and blue striped sweatshirt that had been a birthday present from Vikk just a week earlier.

"Yes, please." I said, exasperated, climbing into the back seat of the car. I brushed the front of my sweater to get rid of the tiny droplets clinging to it. "Thanks guys, how'd you know I was walking?"

"Vikk texted me." Mitch piped up. "He said your sister's got the car and there's no bus, so you'd be walking."

"Thanks." I pulled my bag out in front of me and rested it on my lap, ready for a long day ahead.

It wasn't going to be a great day. It would the first day Jason would be back at school after his suspension of 6 weeks and although the physical marks on Mitch's face and body had long since faded, even the mention of Jason got him jumpy. He wasn't happy that he was back at school.

"You okay for today Mitch?" I asked, running my fingers through my hair. He sighed.

"I guess, I'm gonna hate it but he's not allowed within 30 metres of me so I think it'll fine." That was part of the charges from the police, as well as community service and a fine, but his classes had been changed so he was in different blocks and he wasn't allowed in certain parts of the school where Mitch would be safe. "We'll just hang out in the areas he's not allowed."

"Fair enough, I don't want to be anywhere near him." Jerome's hands had tightened on the steering wheel as soon as I had mentioned Jason's name and I didn't blame him. He had done his best to protect his boyfriend but he didn't see it as enough.

As we pulled into the school parking lot I saw Preston and Rob across the pavement, standing beside Rob's motorcycle. The bike was Rob's pride and joy, other than Preston, and he treated it like it was his baby, riding it to and from school every day with his boyfriend on the seat behind him.

Preston was the first one to notice us and he waved, Rob holding an umbrella above his head to stop his bright yellow sweater getting wet. Mitch waved back, jumping from the car and running over to them, ducking under the umbrella beside them and waiting for Jerome and I to catch up with them.

Vikk had got a ride in with his mum, who worked at the reception desk, and had been at school for an hour already, having texted me to tell me where he was. We would meet behind the hall, where we normally met after classes, after school or before school.

I held an umbrella up over Jerome and I and wandered over to the others, watching as Rob pulled his helmet up and over his head. After the normal round of greetings and hugs from Preston, who liked to hug people all the time, we set off to meet Vikk behind the hall.

Behind the hall was one of the places that Jason was banned from going so we should be safe there, out of his sight.

We had just turned the corner when I heard yelling and I frowned, because that was definitely sounded like Jason. Mitch noticed too because I saw him flinch and hold onto Jerome's hand tightly and Preston's eyes widened, pushing himself closer to Rob.

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