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Ellen’s POV

I had been wondering around for at least two hours talking to old friends, I had noticed a large pile of presents and it makes me smile that they all thought of me, the DJ was pumping club mixed music and most people were dancing, I had lost Louis a while ago and im wondering if his catching up with friends from last year.

“Ellen, come to the bar.” I feel a hand wrap around my forearm and start to drag me away, I rush my goodbye before im sat in the middle of Claudia and Tegan, three shots lined up.

“Your drinking?” I look at Tegan and she shrugs.

“Well im not going to be the only sober one here, Jacks almost off his face and im only three months away from being eighteen, so what the heck?” I laughed but shrug it off; remembering the days Tegan and I went to party’s and got smashed.

“To you.” Claudia toasts and we clink the cups some of the clear liquid spilling out before we rose it to our lips and though it back.

“Give us another!” Tegan shouts and the bartender fills our glasses up again, we throw it back and take one more shot before I get a bottle of watermelon cruise, sipping it as I make my way around trying to find Louis, I finally spot him drinking the same green liquid as me and make my way over, falling into his lap and wrapping an arm over his shoulders as I take a swing of my drink, his watching me, a grin on his lips.

“I haven’t seen you in forever.” I say and kiss his lips; I can feel the other boys eyes on me but I don’t care as I look at Louis.

“Well you disappeared.” He replies taking a sip from his bottle.

“Mhmm, but im back.” I say and nuzzle my face into his neck, biting the skin before im ripped up from my position on his lap, my hand caught in Tegan’s as she pulls me.

“Come dance.” I nod and pull my arm away, quickly bending to be close to Louis’ ear.

“Im going to dance for you.” I whisper and lick a strip up his neck before taking his ear lobe between my lips, sucking lightly, “For you only.” I whisper before kissing his ear and taking the lobe between my teeth and biting and make my way towards Tegan, the DJ playing a mixture of songs and Im lost, my hips swaying, hands in the air and whenever I look towards Louis his slumped in his chair, taking swings of his green liquid watching me.

The next time I check the time it’s almost midnight, a few people have left but the party is still booming with bodies, most of which are drunk and making no sense.  I stand with the DJ as he shows me some of the things his does, I’ve been drinking a bit and probably shouldn’t be around all the cables but I don’t take my own advice and I stay there near all the electrical equipment. As I sit on the table facing the DJ as he changes dials and flicks switches I feel an arm sneak around my waist, pulling my back slightly, I can’t help the giggle that falls from my lips as im dragged away and taken into a dark room, the light is flicked on to reveal Louis I smile and kiss his lips, I notice I was standing in the room Tegan, Claudia and I had gotten changed in, our clothes were no longer there though and I wonder if my parents had taken them home. He held me closely, his lips discover the curve where neck met shoulder, his hands were everywhere imaginable, squeezing and navigating their way under the costume, mine mirroring enthusiastically.

The heavy thump of base could still be heard from the hall only meters away, rhythmic drumming most likely being the support that guided the timing of hip thrusts. “Wait.” Louis’ mouth paused with my objection, concerned eyes finding mine. My fingers were wound into the hair at the nape of his neck, providing control if I desired to tease and tug, an aspect of play that Louis had brought to my attention in a new light.

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