November 27 20XX

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Tuesday, 20:03

Dad sat me down today. I thought he was going to have the 'birds and the bees' talk with me (something I wish would never happen) but he seemed a little too serious to talk about that.

He just stared at me before giving me an envelope. I took it from his hand and opened it. A folded letter was presented inside the envelope. I unfolded the letter. A government stamp was situated on the top right corner of it and the letter began...

'Dear Mason Hill....'

I already knew what this meant just from seeing the government stamp, but as I read through the letter, the shock that engulfed me was not showing any restraint from my face.

Dad just stared at me and that's when I saw it, his red eyes, trails of dried up tear on his face. At that moment I knew I was going to die, there was no doubt about it. I was chosen. I was the last one of the year. The last one to go there to go to that place that everyone dreaded. The place that separated family and friends. The place that hurt many people. The place that all governments in the world called "a solution".

The funny thing is that this place is nothing but a simple bridge. A bridge above water.

Even though I should've been thinking about my family and what would happen to them. All I could think about was him. What would happen to him? He can't be left alone, that would destroy him, it would kill him.

That's what made me cry. The fact that he would be all alone and broken. That's what hurt me the most about this situation.

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