"Wait- who is Alfonso?" I asked, the name sounded really familiar...

"Alfonso Bresfort. He's a bad man, known all around the world, people fear him, they even shiver at his name... He killed your father, Aubrey."

My eyes widened- Alfonso? That's Tyler's father, he's dead... Right?

"Alfonso is dead." Drexel said, coming into the sitting room.

"Dead? That's impossible... Alfonso isn't ever really dead." My mom let out.

"Mom, how do you know about Alfonso Bresfort? Did Dad tell you all this?" I asked her.

"Your father didn't let me know about his business, he- he hid somethings from me, some important things, all I knew was that, He, Alfonso and Ricardo were planning something big- something bad and drastic... That's why I'm here, this package was sent to our apartment few days ago." My mom brought out a red box.

"What's that? What's in it?" I asked her, looking from the box to her.

"A key."

"A key? A key to what?" I asked, collecting the box from her and opening it, indeed, a key was in it.

My mom shrugged.

"Hold on, could it be a key to the parcel?" Drexel asked.

"The parcel? No, the parcel can't be opened by a key- I don't even know if it can be opened." My mom said. "Here," my mom brought out a small paper... "This was inside the box."

I took note of the paper and stretched to get it out of her hand... Opening it, there was something written there.

Max Bresfort.

Max? What does this key have to do with max? I have to speak with Tyler. Max could be in danger. But why was it sent to our apartment? Why wasn't it sent to Tyler?

"I think Max Bresfort is Alfonso's first son." My mom said.

I stood up and paced around. "No, he isn't." I said... Come to think of it, why does my mom not know about Tyler?

"What do you mean no?" My mom asked.

Drexel gave me a look.

I sighed and sat beside my mom again.

"Max Bresfort is Alfonso's last child. T-Tyler Bresfort is his first."

My mom's eyes widened. "What?!! No... No, don't tell me you're dating a Bresfort!"
I looked down at my hands.



"Aubrey! Do you want to die?! How can you do such a thing?!!!" She yelled, looking very disappointed and angry.

"Mom, we're not dating- we're just- together- I don't know what we are okay, and Tyler's not really that bad."

Drexel raised a brow.

"He's not bad." I glared at Drexel, immediately, he stood up and left the sitting room, giving us privacy.

"It doesn't matter if he's bad or not! All that matters is that he's a Bresfort, and that name is cursed. And you're in danger! Don't tell me you want to end up like your father." My mom fumed.

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