Chapter 35

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Meanwhile, down in the cells, Ana was chained to the wall waiting for her chance. There was no way that her brother would betray her to death. But she would be punished for failing to follow through. The Master would not be pleased, however, she deviated from the plan which would surely result in something far more nefarious.

A cold wind blew in, and Ana knew there was no time left for her. She was going to die alone, chained by silver. This was not the life she envisioned. 

Suddenly, it felt like there was something crawling up her spine. "My dear, sweet Ana. You've been a bad girl." 

"Master Zagan, please--"

His shadowy form was floating all over the room, taunting her. Making her wish that she had been killed by her brother. At least then, she would die with someone who loved her once. Closing her eyes, the air grew still. 

Slowly opening her eyes, there he was, standing before her. It was only the second time she had ever seen him, and still she thought he was beautiful. "M-Master--"

Pressing a finger to her lips, Zagan silenced her. "Tell me, what did I order you to do?" 

A single tear rolled down her cheek as she answered. "Seduce the Rogue King until he made me Queen."

"And did you?" 

More tears rolled down her cheeks as she answered. "I was so close, Master. Give me another chance!"

Eyes boring into hers, Zagan only smirked. "It's too late, you failed. I should have left you where I found you. Cold, and scared. Running from your brother. " 

Loud sobs racked through the girls body as she envisioned the ways that the Master would kill her. Surely, it wouldn't be quick, and it most certainly will be painful.  Opening her eyes one last time, for a moment, there seemed to be a flicker of regret in his eyes. Almost instantly, it turned back into anger. 

Thrusting his hand out, Zagan grabbed hold of her heart, crushing it. Only when the light left her eyes, did he remove his hand, deflated heart in his palm. Gazing at it momentarily, he closed his hand, and when he opened it again, it was ash. Gently blowing the remains onto the corpse, Zagan left the cells. 

Waking with a start, Aylin's heart was pounding out of her chest. Something was wrong, very wrong. Looking at the other side of the bed, it was empty. Ezekiel's scent was nowhere near it. Clearly, he hadn't come to bed. "Damn it," she whispered. 

Padding into the bathroom, she flicked on the light. Peeking at her reflection, Aylin looked different. There was more life in her eyes, her cheeks were rosy red, and her hair gained back that silkiness she lost for so long. 

Splashing water on her face, Aylin slid back into bed wondering when Ezekiel would arrive. 

A heaviness suddenly surrounded her, and she felt paralyzed. 

"Aylin." An eerie voice was calling her. "I can show you."

Head throbbing and heart pounding, Aylin was lost inside her own head. Everything was dark. Reaching her hand out, there was nothing. Absolute blackness. The feeling in the air was sinister, and there was something coming closer. It felt the same as the initial dream when the two were on the road. That same evil air.

Aylin did the only thing she could think of. "Zeke! Help me!" she screamed into the darkness.

Ezekiel was in the cells, searching the area for signs of demons. In between patrols, one of the warriors caught a brief glimpse at something running through the woods. It was gone, almost as fast as it was seen. Quill immediately called for the King. Upon going into the cells, Ana's body was hanging from the chains. Her heart was ash.

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