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8장 : 하지마 !

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8장 : 하지마 !

( Chapter 8 : Don't! )




Chanmi's P.O.V.

School seemed to end pretty quickly today, or maybe it was just me. Anyways, I couldn't even concentrate in lesson today, my mind was filled with the image of Jimin. I didn't know why,but since I met him that night,I have began to anticipate the next meeting with him more.

Maybe because he had turned into my friend and didn't make me feel alone anymore.

Right now,I was sitting on the bench of the bus station,just a few meters away from the school's gates. I would occasionally glance around for any signs of him,but he still hadn't arrived.

Could he possibly have forgotten about today?

I rested my back on the bench and closed my eyes, inhaling the crisp air around me. A few seconds later, I felt the presence of someone behind me, but before I could look at the person's face, a pair of hands went over my eyes. I thought it was probably him,so I chuckled a little before guessing.

"Jimin?" I said loud and clear, but no response was heard after that. It turned dead silent and his hands were still over my eyes. I furrowed my eyebrows and took his hands off my face by myself. I turned around and widened my eyes.

"Taehyung-ah?" I asked surprised, "What are you doing here? Didn't you head home already?"

His smile had fallen from his lips as he just looked at me in shock.No words came out of his mouth. Did he just saw a ghost or what?

"Tae-" Before I could finish the sentence,I heard a voice calling me from the distance.

Both me and Taehyung looked to our side, watching a running Jimin coming towards our direction. He was panting a little as he stopped to catch his breath.

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