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Four days later

Ellen’s POV

Everyone was either at school of work, Louis and I had been watching cartoons all day in the lounge room and it was nearing three o’clock. My family came over yesterday to catch up; it was fun apart from my aunty embarrassing me in front of Louis, I sit cuddled into his side, one of his arms are wrapped around me as I trace patens on his thigh. A while later my mum arrived home, my brother shortly after, Louis disappeared up stairs with him to play Xbox while I stood in the kitchen with my mum.

“I found my old book in my wardrobe, are there anymore?” I ask and my mum turns to me.

“The journals?” I nod.

“I only found four of them.”

“I think there might be some in your old room, in the bed side draw.”  She looks away going back to what she was previously doing. “Why?”

“I want to take them back to London.” I shrug, “Just to have them I guess.” She nods and I exit the kitchen, going up stirs and into my old room, the room Louis is staying in, I can here Louis and my brother shouting at one another as I walk to the other side of the bed, pulling the bedside tables draw open to find one of the journals open and face down, as if to save the page, I pick it up and check the page its open to before closing it immediately, I suck in a deep breath before picking up the other book and push the draw closed. When I enter my room down stairs I place them on the stake that sat on my bedside table, all together there are seven books but one is back in London, the outside of them all are identical, the inside not so much, the inside is full of letters I wrote my sister, different dates and different years.

“You found them?” my mum asked as I enter the kitchen again, she is placing something in the oven and I nod.

“Yeah. Thanks for keeping them.” she smiles at me.

“They weren’t mine to throw away.” I smile back at her before leaving the kitchen and sitting on the lounge.


Louis’ POV

I kissed Ellen goodnight and left her room going up the stairs and into her old room, I changed into a pair of shorts and got into bed, letting the covers fall over me, just at my waist, I leaned over to the bedside table and pulled the draw out, to my surprise the books were gone, I frown and stupidly push the draw closed just to open it again to make sure they were really gone. I sit with my back to the headboard for a moment, pondering over where they might have gone. Once I pathetically checked the draw again I found my feet making my way towards the door and flicking the light off before going back to the bed and lying down, covering myself in the blanket.

Four days later

Ellen’s POV

After having a great wakeup call from my family and Louis we had a homemade breakfast made by dad, afterwards I was given presents and I opened them with my family, a while past of us all talking before my parents left the room, soap had disappeared to his room and they had left us know we were going out for lunch, I sat beside Louis and thanked him for my present constantly, he got me my favourite perfume that you can’t get anywhere but Australian, and he didn’t even get one bottle he got five so I didn’t run out when we were back in London. I know the perfume wasn’t the cheapest one out there and I couldn’t believe he got me five bottles; I press a kiss to his lips.

“You know you really only had to get me one.” I told him and he shrugged.

“It’s your eighteenth and I didn’t know what to get you.”

“Louis.” I laugh, “One bottle is so expensive let alone five.” He shrugged again.

“It’s your favourite.” I reach my hand up to cares his cheek before kissing his lips.

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