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I shouldn't have eaten that leftover chocolate cake, because right now, my stomach was making a protest and it wasn't because of the ingredients or how long it was in the refrigerator, because I made sure it was still okay. No. It had something to do with the fact that one of the people I grew up with was found murdered with his runes carved out.

The scene itself was gruesome.

"Shadowhunter down." Jace announced, as he and I wheeled Milo's body in.

"Milo Keytower." Clary informed them.

"What happened?" Alec asked.

"From what I understand, his runes were carved out." Imogen said. She turned to Jace. "Is that true, Jace?"

"Yes. After he was attacked by a wolf. He had multiple bite and claw marks."

Izzy's eyes were wide and curious. "What kind of werewolf randomly attacks a Shadowhunter?" She asked, asking the question that was on my mind, and I'm sure, was on everyone else's.

"One who's trying to send a message." Alec said.

"And get the attention of the Clave." Imogen added.

"We need to find them before this happens again." Clary stated.

Imogen turned to Clary. "Well, I think I have a pretty good idea who it is."

• • •

After Alec brought Luke in for questioning, Imogen's security detail brought him down to the lab.

"Congratulations." Alec commented.

Jace sighed. "It should've been you. I told her that." After Imogen had finally been reunited with her grandson, she was more...approachable and very warm to Jace. "Look Alec, I didn't want this, I swear."

"You're a Herondale." Alec said as if it were obvious. "Get used to the perks."

The alarm blared and then Clary came in,  wheeling in two new bodies. I grimaced. "What happened?"

"We found Rosegreen and Penmount dead in the Bowery." Clary replied. "Runes carved out."

"Just like Keytower." I noted. "Except Penmount's been drained by a vampire, and Rosegreen was lanced by a Seelie Knight."

Jace turned to us, eyes wide and frantic. "It's not just a lone wolf. It's multiple Downworlders. Luke was right all along. The Downworlders want revenge. This could be the start of an uprising."

The Inquisitor called a meeting.

I leaned against a pillar, just as Alec's arm snaked around my waist and pulled me into his side.

I snuggled in, thankful for the comfort he provided. A part of me wanted to remove his arm because we were at work, but the other part of me wanted the feeling of safety because of the attacks.

"Another Shadowhunter was found dead last night in Williamsburg. This time, murdered this time murdered by a warlock." Imogen announced to the whole Institute, her voice booming. "In this time of crisis, it is essential that we maintain strong leadership. That is why I am naming Jace Herondale head of the Institute, effective upon my departure to Idris. Dismissed."

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