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War Girls

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Note from author I know it sucks...if you have any comments or tips PLEASE Comment. love Bribri

P.S I don't take shit from no one. so if your gonna be a bitch be prepared to fight....

For the real Anglic who said she'd kill me if I don't continue....

"Bri. Briiii! BRIANNA!!!" Screams Angelic. "What?!" I say. "Get the fuck up! We graduate from traing in a few hours ." "OH SHIT!" I say as I fall out of bed. As I dash around getting ready Angie's laughing. I'm ready in 30 minutes

Angie and I go to the sniping range to kill some time. taking down each target with a head shot. "Perfect shooting girls." says a voice behind us. naturally we turn around and aim at the voice. "Oh. hi Miguel ." I say. "Sup guys?" Comes a familiar voice." Phoenix?" Angie cried. "In the living flesh! I got Jake here too." says Phoenix.

These People have been my friends for a looong time. "Well looks like it's time to graduate ..." says Jake

That we did. yup. we got lucky and were all going to TF282. along with some Guy named Trenton and the most hated Guy buy Angie's book,Jordan. "Jordan Y U NO GET DIFFERENT TASK FORCE?!" She said making the face. So me and the buddies whent over to the pizza place. I sat in-between Jake and Angie, so I saw this first hand.

"Angie, look here. " said Miguel. she did and guess what hit her, a slice of Miguel 's half eaten pizza.

"Miguel, " she says strangely. "Run." and Miguel ran. I saw him pinned against the wall a few feet away by,none other than Angie. "Would you like to keep that hand Miguel? " he nodded VERY fast. "Then I suggest keeping it FAR away from me! And must I remind you, I make a clean cut." she continues. "They would make a perfect old person couple." I say to Jake. he laughs . after "the perfect old couple " stops fighting we go to my house. we had a small party. and when Angie and I came down we saw everyone on the floor asleep but Jake. he was on the couch. "Oh hellz Naw! I don't care that you're my bestfriend." I say hoping over the back of the couch and pushing him on the floor. "Nobody is on my couch when I wake up." I finish.

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