Chapter 78: Yize, I Think I Do Like You A Little

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In a blink of an eye, the weekends came. With Yan Ziwei’s invitation, Su Jian and Yan Ziwei arrived at a hot spring at the city’s outskirts.

Within the mist, Yan Ziwei stretched her back and breathed out a long sigh. “So comfortable!”

“Yes.” Su Jian agreed, but his eyes shone brightly as he stared at Yan Ziwei’s chest.

Following his line of sight, Yan Ziwei looked down and laughed, “How is it? Although they can’t be compared to yours, I feel that they have become slightly larger in the past few months. Don’t you think so?” After saying so, she even held her chest up and showed it to Su Jian.

Su Jian replied awkwardly with an “En”, but his heart was mourning. Yan Ziwei had a good figure as well as a beautiful face, standing unobstructedly in front of Su Jian. If it was in the past, he would already be nosebleeding. But why was it that although he felt that the body before him was very beautiful and alluring, he no longer felt aroused?

Don’t tell me my preference really has changed and I like guys now?

Su Jian felt sad instantly, his face looking like his life was hopeless.

As for Yan Ziwei, she looked at his body and locked her line of sight onto a target.

Moving towards Su Jian, Yan Ziwei poked a spot on Su Jian’s chest and laughed mischievously, “What is this?”

Su Jian lowered his head to take and look and his face heated up immediately. Why hasn’t the hickey disappeared?

Yan Ziwei couldn’t help but look towards Su Jian’s body, which was hidden underwater. Laughing, she asked, “Don’t tell me there are more below?”

Su Jian shook his head profusely. “No!”

Yan Ziwei raised one of her arms and hooked it onto his shoulder. She asked, “Xiao Jian, tell me honestly. Do you like An Yize or not?”

If it was in the past, Su Jian would definitely have denied it without hesitation when Yan Ziwei asked this question. But now…

Su Jian shook his head honestly. “I don’t know.”

“Don’t know?” Yan Ziwei raised her eyebrows. “It’s very simple. I will ask you some questions. You just have to answer me honestly.”

Su Jian nodded his head.

“Do you like being together with him?”

An Yize isn’t noisy nor clingy. When he’s with An Yize, he can do things freely. When he wanted something to drink or eat, he could also An Yize to get it for him. Speaking honestly, he doesn’t hate it.

Su Jian hesitated for a moment before replying vaguely with an “En”.

“When he’s not by your side, do you miss him?”

He definitely wouldn’t feel anything in the past. But recently, An Yize’s existence was too great he would appear in his mind from time to time. Although An Yize wasn’t by his side, his face and body flashed in his mind continuously. How unbearable!

Su Jian held his head helplessly. “En.”

Yan Ziwei pursed her lip and smiled, “Then, when he kisses and touches you, do you… feel comfortable?”

If I wasn’t comfortable how could I be infatuated with An Yize’s *? Your mom! When I was kissed and touched by An Yize before, I only felt warm and dizzy at most. Recently, however, my body trembles like I’ve been electrocuted. Sometimes, when I listen to his voice over the phone, I can also feel my heart trembling inexplicably. That guy is obviously a human-shaped aphrodisiac!

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