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Genre: Fluff-Angst

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Words count: 938

ξηjoγ τhε sτοrγ~😘


「MingRui's p.o.v」

I sat at my desk, bored because all my friends were somewhere else probably doing something fun without me. I looked around my room and back at my desk, groaning, I softly hit my head on the wooden surface. Why can't I ever leave my house on the weekend? I asked myself and pouted.

I opened my room door and looked around for my mom. I smiled when I spotted her, soon jogging towards her slim figure. I tugged at her apron and waited for her to respond.

"Yes MingRui, what do you want?" she spoke softly and smiled "Can Y/N and I go hang out at the park?" Y/N has been my friend since basically birth, she is really beautiful and sweet. I like her very very much, but she doesn't have the same feelings.

My mom gave me permission to go out the house and I thanked her. I walked outside and knocked on her front door. She opened the door and smiled brightly "H-hello MingRui!" she spoke softly and walked out, closing the door behind her. I blushed as she hugged me and kissed my head.

"So what brings you here?~"  Y/N asked and I held onto her hand. "Lets g-go to the park~" I smiled brightly and began to walk to the nearby park.

Y/N smiled as she walked by my side, once we arrived we sat down at one of the benches. I looked over at her and she seemed paler that the last time I saw her, her lips had slight discoloration, there was small circles under her eyes, and she looked thin.

I frowned but shook off the sadness when I saw Y/N look in my direction. I smiled at her and she pet my head. I worried for Y/N, she looked sick and I wanted to know what was wrong. "Y/N are you feeling okay? You look sick-" she just smiled at me and said the common "I'm fine~" which I didn't believe.

I pouted and stood up, grasping her petite hands in mine. Y/N looked up at me and lightly blushed, I smiled brightly and lead her to the tree we would always lay under to talk or to cuddle close together. "Y/N I need to tell you sonething, but I don't want it to ruin our friendship-" She turned to me and smiled. "You can tell me anything MingRui, I won't judge~" she spoke quietly.

"I really like you, and I just want you to know that I will always be here for you no matter what~" I said as I looked down at my hands.


Many days past and Y/N was nowhere to be seen. I would always look out my window to see if she would ever walk out the door, but she never did.

I began to worry when I heard the sirens outside my window, I shot up from my bed and quickly put my hoodie on, running down the stairs and out the front door. I stood in front of my house only to see Y/n being pulled into the ambulance. My heart shattered into millions of pieces as I watched the vehicle drive off.


The next day my mother decided to pay a visit to Y/N in the hospital. I dressed in comfy clothes and impatiently walked out to the car. My mother sighed as she unlocked the car and sat in the driver seat. I sat in my seat and calmly waited for my mom to drive.

Once we arrived I clung to my mothers arm and tried to hide my sadness, the doctor lead us to Y/N's room. I looked inside and spotted Y/N laying on the bed, tears threaten to escape my eyes but I didn't let them.

I sat beside the bed and took hold of her hand. "Please don't leave me-" I chocked out, my eyes burning from the tears I held back. I felt her hand grip mine tighter, I immediately looked at our hands then back at her. "I promise I won't ever leave you~" She giggled as she slightly coughed

"Good, because I won't be myself if you were gone- I actually need to tell you something Y/N-"  I sighed and my thumb rubbed against her hand. She slightly nodded and I took a deep breath "I-I love you Y/N" I hid my face when I heard her gasp, her heat rate increasing as she tried her best to comprehend what just happen.

"I also lik-love you too MingRui~" I smiled brightly as I held onto her hand and kissed it softly. "I promise that I will forever love you and protect you from this evil world~" she frowned and looked away "Will you still keep that promise if I told you I have cancer and only have a few years to live-"

I felt my world crumble. She only has a few years to live? I huffed and softly placed a kiss on her forehead. "I promise and will keep this promise, because I love you and only you, nothing can change that~" I spoke in a gentle voice, as she began to softly cry. I held her in my arms to comfort her.

I'm just glad I can spend these or newer moments with Y/N.

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