What A Mess

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*Beast Boy's POV*

I really appreciate that she likes me like....her boyfriend. Man I never thought that we would get this far. But now I might not get kisses because she won't turn away that much, right? Whatever! She's my girlfriend now and I can kiss her whenever I want. Ok , maybe not whenever, she might not be in the mood and- what am I saying!? I swear I'm into her deeeep as heck. Is not bad, is it?

I got to the common room and saw only Raven.
"Morning Rave" I smile to her
"Morning" she smiles back
"Umm where's everyone else?"
"Well, they're gone at the groceries store"
"So we're all alone for some time?" I smirk
"Yeah" she got back to making herself tea
"Soo...do you...wanna...you know..." I stuttered
"Come here"

She grabbed my collar and blasted herself into me. I grab her waist and she puts her arms around my neck. We were still in the kitchen and her tea wasn't off fire but we didn't realized it. Until...

"Aaaah the tea!!" She yelled getting the pot off the fire and was burning, and burned her "ah" she said, probably cursing in whispers so I took her hand and kissed it.
"Better?" I smile trying to help
"Mhm" she mumbled and out her tea in a mug "Now where were we?" she smirked and again got closer to me
"I guess we were about to make out" I smirk and she nodded.

She was the only one that I needed and here we are, making out.
She moaned a bit against the kiss and I took the opportunity to slip my tongue inside. Hehe, she moaned again. I suppose she likes it- whoa. She's inside mine now. This kind of feels good. No wonder she moaned.

I put my hands on her thighs and she jumped on me, with her legs around my waist. I push her to a cabinet and I felt like we couldn't get close enough so I got even closer, if it's possible, and she smiled in the kiss. Ok now time for something new Raven.

"What are you- *moan*"
"As you can see...I found...your weakness...and....I'm doing the hickeys....duh" I say to her while we were still in that possition.

I was able to make a medium hickeys and I put her down. She looked in the mirror for the hickey and giggled.

"What?" I ask
"It's cute...the hickey" she giggled again and the others came. She put her hood up quick for the hickey to not be visible and said:
"I'll go meditate now" and she left.
"Did something wrong happened?" Asked Robin
"No. She just needs to meditate" I simply say
"But she doesn't need to if her powers don't work on emotions right?" Asked Star
"Huh. Maybe she still needs to because of her demon part. Who knows?" I responded
"I think so" said Cy

Oh oh oh Raven. Look what I made of you, hahaha a trembling mess. Now you're just like the other teens. Stay chill, I got it under control.

I don't know what else to put in this book, should I end it here or do you have any ideas of what else should I do? Comment if you have.
Love ya❤🖤❤🖤

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