9. An Indescribable Feeling

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"You made me feel something I can't put into words

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"You made me feel something I can't put into words."


I woke up only to feel extremely nauseous. My bones hurt and I was struck by a painful headache. It felt like my body had been crushed against something hard and I broke into a thousand pieces.

The strong light hit my eyes pretty hard and I groaned before looking around, tiredly. My gaze stopped on dad who was sitting on the edge of the bed with his gaze dropped in his lap. Mia was seated in a chair next to the bed I was lying in, her hand resting on dad's knee.

"Dad." My throat felt dry and I coughed. I sat up, groggy.

Worried out of their minds, Dad and Mia glanced at me and dad was the first one to immediately pull me into his embrace.

"W-What happened?" I asked, blinking countless times to clear my vision. I was pretty sure that I fainted, but I was still fuzzy on the all the details.

"Your health suddenly deteriorated and you fainted at school. We had to bring you to the hospital," Mia replied. And then she smiled softly. "How are you feeling?"

Just like that, all the fuzzy details became clear in my mind. I was standing by the lockers with Cayden. He was trying to scare me, but it wasn't working. And the rest was just darkness.

"Oh. Um, I think I'm okay," I answered. Dad didn't seem convinced. Instead, he looked even more worried than a few seconds ago.

Smiling softly, I took his hand in mind and gave it a reassuring squeeze. "Dad. I promise. I'm fine. I just have a headache and I'm a bit tired, but other than that, I feel completely fine."

Luckily, the concern painted across his face lessened and his lips twisted into a small smile. Mia tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear and offered me a smile of her own.

The doctor walked and stood by the other side of the bed to check on me. "Hey, Maya. Are you feeling any better? Is anything hurting?"

"I have a headache and my bones feel tired, but I feel better than I did when I fainted though," I replied, truthfully.

He nodded and glanced down at the sheets in his hands. "We've run some tests and everything seems fine. I think today's incident was just a small blackout because you exhausted your body. That's why you still can't attend P.E, and don't push yourself too hard. Your body needs to recover and adjust. Those things take time," he informed.

I nodded and dad and Mia agreed with the doctor.

"Well, remember to take your medication on time and rest as much as possible. Stay home from school if you need to. Your health is the most important thing right now. Other than that, you're free to go home now," the doctor said with a polite smile across his face.

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