Kaitlin: my story to tell

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I’m 17, gorgeous, rich, and have two of the best friends anyone can ask for……. So why am I so unhappy? Because I have lived a life that I am not proud of and it has cost me so many things in my life. I have gained the reputation as “football RUNNER” or in simple terms a hoe who only messes around with football players. But we will get into that all too soon, but it started when I was younger, would have to say the 5th grade. That’s when my life started transitioning and that’s when boys became cute and I became cuter. I wanted to be like the “it” girl. I wanted the attention, I wanted the drool and all that came with it. Boys didn’t pay me any attention I was invisible. Middle school was the start for me. 6th grade I was an innocent girl who was a pushover, I did what everyone wanted just so people noticed me with the “popular” crowd. That was it for me. I gained a boyfriend and who knew that for the next 3 years we would fall in love. He was my everything and anything I could ask for, yep that was my Malcom. But then arrived Kenya the girl from New York that I thought would be my bff. We were sooo cool until one day I noticed she was after my one true love. I hated her with a passion, I could spit fire and burn a hole through her chest. 8th grade was my defining year, that’s where the break up turmoil and drama started.  I got my heart broken and swore that I would never love again and that I would always stay true to myself. That’s when I was starting to form my identity as Kaitlin, that’s when I was no longer the quiet little pushover, but the short cute ball of fire and destruction. It took me to realize that I was the epitome of my weakness and I had to change that. I am Kaitlin and this…. Is my story.

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