Drabble // Confession // (Newtina)

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Un petit Drabble dans un anglais très très simple parce que j'avais envie xD


« Talk to me, Tina »

« No »

« Why ? »

« Because I don't want to suffer again »

And the strenght of her gaze was gone, Newt was just a broken soul without body and without minds. Only the shadow of himself. But when Tina was so lonely against him, when her touch was so cold of disappearing feelings, Newt was suffering more second by second. If he could, he would took her back in his arms and Never let her go away. But Newt was too weak, and all he used to do about their pain was to be quiet and Let her cry. He missed the light of her voice. But his love wasn't alive anymore.

« Let me, Newt. Please »

« I can't do that »

And suddenly, the rage came from her heart and blew from her chest.

« And why not, for hell ? Are you too stupid to understand it ? »

He wasn't angry, because he knew she was broken. And he knew those tears lying on her cheeks. Maybe the time could, one day, kill the pain. But for now, he juste knew how she wanted a warm shoulder to sleep and the peace for a moment.

« You can't tell me to not love you, Tina »

His whispers was suddenly lost in the silence.

« I am to weak to do that... »

And she knew it, of course, because all she wanted for now was his arms, and her heah on his chest, to Forget the reality, that dark reality wherever all she ever had wasn't anymore. So she just fell on the bed and cried again, for her sister, and the world in black surrending her.

Just her way to feel she wasn't totally alone.

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