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"What the HELL are you doing in my house?' Tank yelled with a confused face. "Matter of fact, how the FUCK did you get in anyways?'

"Well I'm here to kill you and oh your security sucks. Oh and I suggests you not yell at your soon to be killer because I can make it a painful death." I said evenly and clearly.

"Hah you kill me yea right you're just a kid," Tank said with a snort.

"Mmm you shouldn't have called me a kid." I said this and then attacked.

I hit him in the face. He was shaken for a second and then retaliated. He swung but missed because I ducked out of his reach. Then he swung plenty more but continued to miss. I got bored and hit him in the stomach. He tumbled down to the floor.

When he got up he had a knife in his hand. Huh where the heck did he get that? Oh well I guess it might be a little more difficult. He slashed at me almost hitting my arm. He jabbed toward my stomach but I grabbed his arm and smashed it back so he dropped the knife then I kicked him. He fell on the bed.

I quickly grabbed the knife and jumped on top of him and held the knife to his neck. He had a bloody nose and looked really terrified.

"Wait don't kill me please,' he pleaded. "I will do anything."

"Oh now you think I can kill you." I said with a snicker. "But just a second ago you clearly called me a kid."

"I'm really sorry you just don't look threatening at all. Please don't kill me I will do anything."

"Oh your sorry that's funny but I still have to kill you. But I want you to think about all those girls, who are around my age that you raped. If you think I'm a kid that means that you're some kind of sick pervert." I said calmly but with anger underneath.

"I'm truly sorry that I did that and I will never do it again."

"Well duh you won't do it again, you'll be dead. One more thing I need you to pray and ask for forgiveness. It may give you another chance in a different life. Well.... Start praying."

He started babbling and I tuned him out. I thought about why I guy like him would rape those poor innocent girls. One of who were my friends. She is freaked out and not herself since it happened, she is afraid he will come back for her or something.

I noticed that he was done babbling, "Are you done?"

"Yes now please hurry and get it over with."

"Oh no hold your pants I'm not done. First how old are you?'

He looked at me baffled for a second then said, "I'm 27 but what does that have to do with anything."

"Oh I was just wondering why someone around your age and with your good looks would need to rape anyone. All those girls confessed that they would have willingly had sex with you."

He looked really guilty now but I still had a job to finish so I couldn't feel sorry for him.

"Well its to late now. Hope you make the right choices in your next life. I was suppose to make you suffer but I will make it go a little faster."

Then I pulled the knife up and brought it down so it went threw his chest. Tank looked at me then the knife.

"I am truly sorry but I ........had too. Jordan Chalke forced me too....... I wish I never was in debt to him................."He struggled to say, "and.........and....and."

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